Tiny House Lighting Ideas To Make Your Tiny Home Come Alive!

Great Tiny House lighting ideas provide for good lighting in a Tiny home and make it comfortable and inviting, unlike in the absence of proper lighting.

Would you like to live in a Tiny House but you still have doubts about the lighting or do you just want more ideas on lighting to make your place more inviting. Whichever category you fall in, this post is for you.

Types of Lighting

Before we jump into ideas for your lighting inspiration, it’s important to know the different types of lighting that exist, not just limited to Tiny Houses. There are three basic types of lighting and they are:

1. Ambient lighting

This type of lighting is sometimes called “general Lighting.” It’s also described as natural room lighting. Ambient lighting can be from the sun, supplied through the windows. When the sun goes down the lights you turn on to be able to move around your home without falling will be the ambient lights. Examples of these lights are ceiling lights or lamps.

2. Task lighting

This is a type of light that provides light for specific tasks in a room that may already have some ambient light. It is very useful for seeing small objects. They illuminate a work surface. For example, pendant lights or a fixture specifically designed to illuminate a painting, seating area or reading light.

3. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to focus on a particular point or place. It is also used to achieve the desired effect. This type gives you a feeling of a larger room. It can be used to highlight an architectural structure, a plant (in outdoor layout),  sculpture, etc.

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Tiny House lighting ideas

Now that you are familiar with the basics, let us dive into some sweet, sweet lighting inspiration that will make your Tiny Home come alive!

#1. Sunlight Tiny House lighting ideas

Tiny House Lighting Ideas

The lighting of a Tiny house should begin with sunlight. Your tiny house should be built in a way that the sun can lighten the house. It helps to improve the air quality and daylighting within the home. This doesn’t leave out the fact that other mediums of lighting will be used.

To maximize sunlight, the window must be placed in the right places. This will help to reduce the heat and rays of the sun. Windows placed close to the side walls of the home are better, they will bring in more light and less overall contrast.

You can make your windows big if you like it as much as there is a shade within and outside the tiny house to control the lighting. Interior shading like curtains, Venetian blinds, etc. If there are lofts or stairs in your house, there should be a large window there, so the place wouldn’t look dark.

To complement the natural light from the sun during the day, your tiny house must be painted with the appropriate colors. Consider colors like yellow, white, or blue. These will help make your house look beautiful and comfortable.

#2. LED Tiny House lighting ideas

LED lighting is another way to lighten your tiny house. This light is efficient and long-lasting. It uses at least 75% less energy than other options too. Research says it is estimated that the widespread adoption of LED lights can save the US $30 billion in energy costs by 2027, or the equivalent energy output of 44 electric power plants.

This type of light can be powered without plug-ins or electricity. Since there is solar energy and batteries, they can be charged during the day and used at night.

I love this light because it can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. It uses less power…Gosh, what’s better than this? And I can’t forget to add that it emits less heat.

How to Light Specific Areas In Your Tiny House with LED Lighting

When lighting specific rooms in your tiny house, it is good to use the knowledge of the basic types of lighting here.

The Ambient Lighting can be used in every room but you can use a different color in the sleeping area if you like. Task lighting is best used in spaces such as reading areas, workstations, kitchen counters, and more.

Living Area

Tiny House Lighting Ideas

In most living rooms, there is always a ceiling light that illuminates the room. It has balanced lighting. With this, you can’t find some parts darker than the others.

Sleeping Area

In this room, you can have both ambient and task lighting. The ambient light will help to illuminate all sides of the room. You can go for white-colored light or a different colored one. You can also use indirect lighting. This one won’t shine on your face, it directs the light upward.

Task lighting will also be needed, in case of any late-night work or reading. E.g wall-mounted fixtures or bedside lamps.

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Kitchen Area

Ambient lights like ceiling lights are very useful in the kitchen too. It aids all-around illumination. However, you can use LED strips for lighting up your drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. LED “puck lights” are also good for task lighting in specific areas of the kitchen.

Bathroom Area

There are different ways to lighten your bathroom. It depends on just what you want. Some people like to just have a ceiling light, while others make use of the mirror lights or a secondary LED strip that could be installed near the floors for nighttime use. Anyone you like, you can go with, as far as it lightens and beautifies your bathroom.

#3. Uplights

If you have some parts of your Tiny Home you want to throw some emphasis on, we suggest using Uplights. These outdoor wonders can provide a sort of ambiance perhaps no other lighting can give. It’s special and unique in its own way.

However, see if you can rent these Uplights first before opting for something more permanent. This will provide you with the opportunity to try them out and see if they’re a good fit for your property. You’d also have to take into account how your house is wired and how many bulbs your power source can handle.

#4. Stairwell LED lighting

Tiny House Lighting Ideas

If you got a Loft (you most likely have a loft) in your Tiny House, opting to surround it with these dazzling stairwell LED lights can make your Tiny condo stairs look like a freaking Helicopter landing pad.

Just imagine how it would look with the lights off!

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#5. Kitchen cabinet lighting

Tiny House Lighting Ideas

If you’re a foodie like me, then ensuring your Kitchen cabinet interiors are decked with halogen bar lighting is a must. They may not be bright and shiny like their counterparts but boy, do they look pretty.

Conclusion on Tiny house lighting ideas

I hope through this article, you have been able to get some tiny house lighting ideas. I would love to see your comments below.

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