Tiny House sink ideas are a very vital part of any Tiny House. It’s used in the toilet, bathroom, and mostly in the kitchen. This is where you wash your hands, plates, and food items, and perform other tasks.

You have to select the right one, one that’s durable, of high quality, and big enough to perform the tasks you need it for. It should also have a nice design.

Sinks can come in different styles- ceramic, copper, composite, stainless steel, and more. You can also have a double sink, under-mount, or inset sinks.

Tiny House Kitchen Sink Sizes

Tiny house kitchen sinks are commonly about 24-30 inches wide. Your sink can be wider than this if there is a lot of cabinet space or countertop, it could be about 46 inches. It can also be smaller, about 12 inches wide, and 7 inches long.

You may also like to have sinks that are deep enough to wash big pans, pots, and even clothes, if there is no washer-dryer.

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How to Choose a Tiny House Sink

1. Consider the Material

The first thing to consider when choosing a tiny house sink is the material. You have to look at how many times you will be using it. The kitchen sink is used almost every time daily unlike the bathroom sink.

Common sink materials are:

1. Copper Sinks

Copper sinks have lots of advantages. Some of its advantages are anti-rust and antimicrobial properties. With copper sinks, there are fewer bacteria.

2. Stainless Steel Sinks

This is mostly used because it’s strong and long-lasting. It requires regular cleaning to maintain it and make it shine. The only reason I don’t like it is that it can scratch.

3. Fireclay Sinks

It is a type of ceramic white bowl sink. It has different sinks. You had to be careful with it, cause it can crack. It is a great option for extra temperatures.

4. Acrylic Sinks

This is a type of sink that is made up of resin, plastic, and fiberglass, this them resistant to stains. They are portable and come in different designs. It is cost-effective.

5. Ceramic sinks

They are commonly used in households. A lot of people prefer them to stainless steel or composite sinks. They are made from clay, fluxes, sands, or crushed stones. They are durable and can suit high temperatures. Ceramic sinks come in different shapes, styles, and colors. It can be used in the kitchen and even the bathroom.

2. Consider the Size of the Sink

Single bowls are commonly used and found in the market. There are also double and triple bowls. Single bowls are more beneficial to tiny houses. Double and triple bowls are also efficient to use but they take up much space and are hard to maintain. It helps to do tasks simultaneously.

  • Single Basin vs Double Basin: Single basin sinks just have one basin, meant for all your tasks. While the double basin has two basins. This is very efficient. Two people can wash at the same time or you can wash two items simultaneously.
  • Undermount vs Inset sinks: The inset sink is the type where the top of the basin is at the level of the countertop, so you can see the lip of the sink, unlike the undermount sink. In an under-mount sink, the basin and drain are low at the top of the countertop. The inset sink is easy to clean and cheap to build.

3. Check your Budget

You should have a budget for the type of sink you have. Consider the cost of a tiny house sink, its size, installation expenses, and the type of material you want. The less costly sink materials are stainless steel sinks.

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4. Choose from the Types of Sinks

There are different types of sinks and designs, for your tiny house. Some of the popular types of sinks, to choose from.

1. Drainboard Sinks

This is a smaller type of sink and doesn’t take up much space. It has a basin and a drainboard on the other side. It has a lip around it, hooking the water and draining it into the sink.

2. Corner Sinks

This type of sink saves space and provides under-sink storage space. It sits at the corner of the countertop.

3. Bar, Island, or Prep Sinks

They are usually small and useful for food preparation or bartending operations. They have single basins 15 inches square and are a great one for small homes.

5. Sink position

You have to consider the position of your tiny house sink whether in the kitchen or any other place. Tiny house builders decide the positioning during the building process. They construct the cabinets, and counters and do the plumbing. You can decide to position it underneath your window. The sink position adds beauty to your kitchen.

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Tiny House Sink Ideas

#1. Deep Basin Premier Portable Tiny House sink ideas

Tiny House sink ideas

This is a great sink idea. The sink’s dimensions are 25.875” W x 17.875” D x 38” H. This sink has a stainless steel basin and a deep basin. Its hot water is portable and long-lasting. It is available in different colors like mahogany natural wood grain finish, maple, or black.

#2. Glass Basin Portable Sink with Wood Cabinet by Monsam

Tiny House sink ideas

This type of sink has a frosted glass vessel bowl on a dark wood cabinet. Its dimensions are 24”L x 20” D x 31” H. It can fit a small space. It needs no traditional plumbing and you can reposition it when you want.

#3. White Portable Sink with Ceramic Basin by Monsam

Tiny House sink ideas

This type of sink has dimensions of 25” L x 21” D x 30” H. It includes a cabinet with double drawers and a ceramic basin. It provides hot and cold running water.

#4. Monsam Single Deep Basin Portable Sink

This is a nice choice for your tiny home. You can use it to wash your hands, kitchen items, utensils, etc. It has a deep basin. You do not need to have two separate sinks, one in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen. It is a good way to maximize space.

#5. Ozark River Elite LS1 Portable Hot Water Sink

This sink is strong and long-lasting. It has a stainless steel basin, counter, and cabinet with laminate doors. It is also a hot water sink. Its dimensions are 26” W x 18” D x 36” H.

Conclusion on Tiny House sink ideas

I know you have been able to have ideas on which sink will suit your tiny house perfectly.

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