10 Spectacular Tiny House Ceiling Ideas For Your Tiny Home

Searching for Tiny House ceiling ideas for your Tiny Home? We’ve compiled a list of the very best Tiny house Ceiling Ideas to inspire you.

What is a Tiny House ceiling?

A ceiling in a Tiny House is simply defined as any part of a room that encloses it from the top. It helps create separation between spaces in a home, thus, preventing the passage of sound from one room to another.

One of the most important roles ceilings play is to conceal electrical conduit pipes and wires from view.

For the average Joe, a typical house starts and ends with 4 walls.

But for the Interior Designer with trained eyes and mind, a fifth wall always exists in every home…and that’s the Ceiling.

Building a Tiny Home doesn’t mean you should simply gloss over the ceiling like it’s not as important as the other walls.

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In fact, it’s often regarded with the same significance, if not more.

Types of Tiny House ceiling ideas

There are 5 major types of Tiny house ceilings and each one is very visually distinct from the other. They are:

  1. Suspended ceilings:  Sometimes referred to as dropped or false ceilings.
  2. Exposed ceilings: Omits any covering and leaves all structural components bare.
  3. Tightly attached ceilings: these are usually screwed or fastened with bolts and metal to keep them firmly attached.
  4. Acoustical ceilings: these absorb sound energy from all rooms in a house.
  5. Chilled ceilings: they have chilled water coils running through the entire ceiling that cools a house.

This brings us to the bone of contention: What are great ideas and suggestions for the Ceiling of a Tiny House or home?

Tiny house ceiling ideas

In most cases, ceiling ideas for a normal house would fit perfectly with a Tiny home.

Below, we’ve highlighted the most gorgeous of the bunch. Check them out:

  1. Zebra-stripped ceiling
  2. Glass skylight ceiling
  3. Wood paneled ceiling
  4. Wallpaper ceiling
  5. Office-styled ceiling
  6. Open Sky picture ceiling
  7. Lush Nature ceiling
  8. Neon ceiling
  9. Hanging lights ceiling
  10. Dripping paint ceiling

Idea #1: Zebra-stripped Tiny house ceiling ideas

Tiny house ceiling ideas

If you’re crazy about minimalism or minimalist home interiors, then this Zebra-stripped ceiling design will be perfect for you.

Of course you already know that if you opt for this idea of ceiling for your Tiny Home, you can’t dare use just any color of paint for your walls.

You’d need to use colours that match aesthetically with this ceiling i.e – White, grey or black.

Idea #2: Glass skylight ceiling Tiny house ceiling ideas

Tiny house ceiling ideas

Let natural sunlight in through the roof of your Tiny house with a skylight ceiling encased in tough and clear see-through glass.

Not only will you enjoy the sunlight in the day but you and your loved ones can go star gazing every single starry night.

There’ll never be a dark moment in the house with this ceiling.

Idea #3: Wallpaper ceiling

I’ve always been obsessed with wallpapers on walls – wallpapers on ceilings take the design a notch higher.

With a wallpaper as your ceiling, you can recreate just about any look you so desire ranging from bricks to stones, to zebra stripes or even a lush green garden.

And what’s more, you can take it off and replace it with something else entirely if you so desire.

Idea #4: Wood paneled ceiling

Tiny house ceiling ideas

Let the sophistication of fine polished wood paneling adorn your ceiling. This is for people with exquisite taste.

Idea #5: Neon ceiling

If you’re all about colors and lights, opting for a Neon-style ceiling is just what you need.

The picture above shows a Tiny House ceiling with a white-lighted Neon design.

Depending on your tastes and color preferences, you could opt for a red color, a green color or whatever Color you can lay your hands on, as long as your Tiny House company can build it.

Idea #6: Office-styled ceiling

Perhaps your idea of your Tiny house isn’t supposed to be a Tiny home but instead a Tiny office.

If that’s the case then this office-styled ceiling is just what need.

Idea #7: Open Sky picture ceiling

If you can’t afford to have a real skylight glass ceiling, at least a picture of one can suffice.

As long as you can acquire a very large picture of the open sky, your Tiny home sitting room or bedroom could literally have a window to Heaven hovering over you at all times.

Idea #8: Lush Nature ceiling

Are you a gardening and nature buff?

This lush looking nature ceiling will make your Tiny house come alive!

With its suspended artificial green foliage with lights any one who steps inside virtually steps into a paradise in its own right.

Call it the Garden of Eden and you’ll be right!

Idea #9: Hanging lights ceiling

This is simply a remarkable work of architecture!

Nevertheless, make sure that before you try this, your ceiling is considerably high, least your head collides with the hanging lights.

Idea #10: Dripping paint ceiling

For the color enthusiastic, this dripping paint is a sight to behold.

You can see that just painting the ceiling yellow wouldn’t have done justice to it. But add the drip effect and voilà! A masterpiece is created!

Tiny house ceiling ideas: Conclusion

I hope you were able to find an idea befitting of your Tiny home ceiling from our list.

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