Tiny House Stair Ideas: 10 Breathtaking Designs You’ll Love

Are you looking for ‌Tiny house stair ideas for your Tiny Home? Keep reading to get some amazing inspiration.

About Tiny House stair ideas

Tiny House stair ideas

I need to set the record straight about something.

Before we show you our ideas of Tiny House stair cases, it’s important to note that loft ladders are totally different from loft staircases.

While the former make use of rungs, the latter are made up of blocks (which most times double as storage spaces).

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There are certain advantages and disadvantages to using stairs in your Tiny Home and it’s important you know them before hand. Who knows, you might even opt for ladders instead.

Pros of Stairs

If you’re already considering this, here a few reasons to go all in:

  1. They are more balanced and thus, safer to climb
  2. They have storage spaces
  3. They can be designed in various artistic ways

Cons of stairs

If you’re still iffy about whether this is a good idea or not, then these few points of mine will certainly send you out the door:

  1. They are large and take up too much space in an already small house.
  2. You can’t tuck them away from sight. They’re permanently there.

Frequently asked questions about Tiny House stairs

So besides knowing the pros and cons of going for Tiny House stairs, a bunch of you are still curious about a lot of things, especially the dimensions of the staircase.

Let me put these objections to bed by answering your most pressing questions:

Q1. How do you build stairs for a small house?

Easy – you start by measuring the house. Following the building plan of the Tiny House, you find out the dimensions of the space designated for the staircase. Once you have this number, your carpenter can work with it to build your desired design of stairs.

Q2. How long and how wide are stairs of a Tiny House?

While some so called ‘experts’ might quote you a measurement, truth is that it differs from house to house.

However, you want to make sure it’s as long as the distance between where the floor ends to where the loft begins and wide enough that it’s a maximum of 1/3 of your total house width.

Tiny House stair calculator

I don’t think there is any thing such as a Tiny House stair calculator. Your simple smartphone or handheld calculator is sufficient enough.

Tiny House stair railing

Your staircase could come with a railing but it doesn’t necessarily need one. However, if you decide you want one, wood is usually the preferred option.

Tiny House Stair Ideas

The inspiration for your next Tiny House stairway is here:

#1. The slide out staircase design

When you want to climb up, you slide it out. When you’re not in need of it, you simply slide it out of sight to create more space.

#2. The bookshelf staircase design

Tiny House Stair Ideas

How about this one! Instead of using it as storage spaces, you make it just shallow enough to use as a bookshelf! Best for Bookworms.

#3. The closet staircase design

You can hand your clothes there and store all kinds of things as you would a regular closet!

#4. Alternating staircase design

Tiny House Stair Ideas

Ascend to your Tiny Home loft in an alternating fashion. You don’t want to make it too long or it could play tricks on your eyes.

#5. Secret Wine storage staircase design

Who needs a wine cellar when you can have it inside your staircase? No more stolen Wine bottles for you!

#6. Sneaker gallery Tiny House stair ideas

If you’re a lover and avid collector of all things Sneakers, forego your walk-in shoe closet and try out this Sneaker gallery design for your Tiny Home staircase. It’s sure to be an eye catcher!

#7. Cylindrical Wine cellar staircase design

This is trippy AF! This has to be one of the sickest Tiny House stair ideas I’ve ever seen! The best use case is adding it to a Tiny House that has an underground loft!

#8. Slide ‘n’ Climb Tiny House stair ideas

Tiny House stair ideas

If you thought number 7 was sick, this one is sicker! Who has time for climbing down from the loft when you can just slide on down! Your Carpenter is going to freak out when you tell him to build this Disneyland contraption.

#9. Secret room stair designs

Whether it’s for security or just for fun, having a secret compartment where you can hide or just chill at is totally rad! You never know when you might need it.

#10. Lounge under the staircase design

Tiny House Stair Ideas

This would be the coolest chill spot in the entire house! Whether you want to catch up on some reading or finish up some light work; whether you want to hit the snooze button watching a movie on Netflix…this is the place!


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