Tiny House bed ideas are a very crucial part of any Tiny Home décor. This is because of course, not all beds can fit into such a uniquely small space. You’d need to get all aspects of the bed just right or else you’ve potentially got an incompatibility issue on your hands.

Since the only problem associated with living in a Tiny House is absence of adequate space, one has to infuse some creativity into the entire design process.

One important thing to make arrangements for when thinking about Tiny House bed ideas is storage.

Unlike a normal house that can accommodate a bed on one end and a Wardrobe on the other, Tiny Houses don’t have such a luxury of space, hence, it’s paramount to approach your bedroom design with this in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiny House bedrooms

Before we proceed, let’s first answer a few of the Frequently Asked Questions some of our readers have been asking on Google:

What is a common sleeping arrangement for a Tiny House?

The question about “sleeping arrangements” sounds a bit ambiguous.

If the inquirer is requesting to know how many “bed arrangements” can typically fit into a Tiny House, the right answer is between 1 and 2 bedrooms.

Although some Tiny Home owners will push the boundaries for a 3 bed (and on rare occasions a 4 bed), the common sleeping arrangement is best suited for a 1 or 2 bedroom setting.

To get some deeper insights into this question, you can take a look at our detailed post here.

Can a King size bed fit in a Tiny House?

Yes it can…But it depends.

First thing you’d have to note is how wide your Tiny House is. The standard width of a Tiny Home is 8.5 feet.

Next, you’d need to know the standard width of a King size bed. The standard width of a King size bed is 6 by 6 feet.

Put those two variables together and voilà! Your King size bed can fit into your Tiny House.

Without further ado, here are some of the most amazing Tiny Home bedroom ideas we’ve ever seen.

Tiny House bed ideas

Normal houses are boring, guys 🥺. You just get this or that size of bed and that it. Boom! You’ve gotten a bed.

So bland a process, wouldn’t you agree?

But Tiny Houses on the flip side have at least 5 types of bed ideas that could totally transform your bedroom into a masterpiece of sorts.

They are:

  1. Tiny House Murphy bed
  2. Tiny House Loft bed
  3. Tiny House pull out bed
  4. Tiny House bed with storage
  5. Tiny House Bunk bed

Let’s delve into each of them one by one.

#1. Tiny House Murphy Bed

So how does one identify a Murphy Bed? I’ll tell you.

These are space saving beds that have one distinct feature – they typically look like wardrobes but have handles that let you simply pull them down to reveal a bed.

With these kind of beds, one end is usually attached to the wall and the other end can be pulled down only when you wish to use the bed.

A more appropriate name for Murphy Beds are Pull-down beds or Wall beds.

It doesn’t stop here. There are two major types of the Murphy Bed which are the Horizontal and the Vertical Murphy Beds.

Knowing which to choose while designing your Tiny Home will largely depend on how high your ceiling is or how wide your structure is.

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#2. Tiny House Loft Bed

A Loft is basically a space or a part of a House just under the roof. This is the space that we Americans refer to as the Artic.

Lofts play a very important role in the design of a Tiny House because it helps you make use of the space above the floor. It allows for rooms to be made without cutting into the already cramped spaces of other parts of a Tiny Home.

Here are a few Loft bed ideas for your Tiny House:

Best mattress for Tiny House loft

The best Mattress for your Tiny House loft bedroom is no doubt the one that can fit the dimensions of the loft.

So before you purchase any Mattress, take a measurement (in feet) of your loft bedroom to know how long and how wide it is.

Once you’re armed with this information, when you go Mattress shopping, you’d know exactly what size of Mattress to buy for your Tiny Home.

#3. Tiny House pull-out Bed

Pull-out beds are probably the ultimate space savers in a Tiny home. They work just like storage drawers in that you can just pull out your bed from underneath, just like you would any drawer.

The advantage of this over say, a Loft bed is that you forgo the stress of climbing up and down a ladder or staircase.

I’m not sure which I prefer between a pull-down or a Pull-out bed. Let me know your preference in the comments section below.

#4. Tiny House Bed with Storage

We’ve come to the agreement that space is the number one enemy of every Tiny Home. Hence, owners of such Houses need to get creative with whatever space is available.

Having a bed with storage capabilities is one great idea for your Tiny House bedroom. They typically would look like these:

The storage drawers can be used to store your beddings, clothes. books, and other naughty things you and your partner can think of.

#5. Tiny House Bunk bed idea

You may have thought that Bunk beds were used only in Boarding School, but guess what? Tiny Home owners are now using it in their bedrooms.

It somewhat resembles a Loft bed having a ladder with an upper sleeping compartment. However, it’s way simpler to create versus a loft bedroom.


What’s more? Your Tiny House easily becomes a 2 bedroom once you add a Bunk bed.


I hope you were able to find an idea befitting of your Tiny home bedroom from our list.

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