Benefits Of Living In A Tiny House: 7 Things They Don’t Tell You

There are many benefits and advantages to living in a Tiny House that are not very obvious to the outside observer. Let me show you what I mean…

Nowadays in the US, not everyone is looking for big houses to buy, instead, they’re joining the Tiny House Movement. Off the top of my head, this is because they’re obviously cheaper and you can practically travel anywhere with your house.

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Personally, I think tiny houses have been underestimated because of people’s lack of knowledge to understand the pros of living in a tiny house. Below I’ll be showing you some benefits of staying in a tiny house, and trust me after reading this blog post you will want to buy a tiny house right away. 

In this article, we’ll try as much as possible to provide answers to frequently asked questions people ask on Google and they include but are not limited to:

  • What are the advantages of living in a tiny house?
  • What are the pros of living in a tiny house?
  • what are 3 positive features of a tiny house?
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  • Is living in a tiny house cheaper
  • Tiny house uses

Let’s dive in!

What is a tiny house? 

A tiny house is simply an affordable, convenient and comfortable home that is within 400-500 square meters. We can’t go straight to the benefits without talking about its amazing pros:

What are the pros of living in a tiny home?

  1. It is comfortable
  2. It is easy to design and decorate
  3. It does not require a lot of thinking or planning out when designing or decorating.
  4. It can contain up to two bedrooms or more depending on the type of tiny house.

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What are 3 positive features of a Tiny House?

There are soo many reasons as why you should purchase a tiny house, but I’m going to limit it to 3 positive features. These are: its affordability (it helps you cut costs), its mobility (if you opt for a THOW) and its completion speed (you can build it in just a month!).

Benefits of living in a Tiny House

Now unto the juicy part, there are numerous benefits and advantages of staying or living in a tiny house:

#1. It is movable 

Am sure you’ll be asking yourself – “Movable”? Does this author know what she’s writing? I know it might sound shocking moving a house but that’s the most interesting part…it is movable. 

Let’s say for example, you’re going on a vacation. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in a luxurious hotel, you can just hitch your tiny house to a truck and take it to your vacation spot or wherever you’re going. Imagine taking your home to any destination. That’s awesome if you ask me. 

#2. Benefits of living in a Tiny House – It is cheaper 

One of you asked if living in a tiny house is cheaper. Even without long and lengthy explanations from the word tiny, you know the house will not be expensive. 

The interesting part is that you can build it by yourself if you have the time and ability, if you don’t you can just call a professional to build it for you at a much cheaper cost than a regular house.

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Tiny house prices can range from $20,000 – $70,000 depending on the person building it or the location. As such, it does not require much building materials, you can build a beautiful and attractive home with just wood.

#3. Easy to decorate and design 

One of the benefits of Tiny homes is that they are very easy to decorate and design. You can decorate it by yourself without spending a lot on the designs and change it anytime you want. 

#4. Worry less about future relocation 

Thanks to tiny houses you can worry less about future relocation because like I explained above, it is mobile. So you can easily move it to a new location. 

This is very life changing because if for example you have a new job in another part of town it will be very easy for you to hitch your truck and drive it down to the location…that is if you have already acquired a THOW parking space in the new location. 

#5. Benefits of living in a Tiny House – they are fast to build 

Another important benefit of living in a Tiny Home is that building a tiny house is very fast and efficient. It doesn’t take up to six months seven months or more before you finish building. It can take less than a month or within two weeks to build a tiny home. 

Moreover, it doesn’t take a whole lot of people to build a tiny home. One person or two and you’re good.

#6. Easy to clean

 This is one of the most lovely benefits: Tiny houses are easy to clean. You don’t need to take hours upon hours cleaning the house. because of its small space. Within few minutes, you are done with your cleaning, this helps to save time especially if you are a busy person.

#7. Accessibility 

It is easily accessible, I mean you don’t have to climb the long staircase or take one to two minutes walk. From the kitchen to your bedroom can take less than 15 seconds. If you have elderly people living with you, staying in a Tiny House could be a life-changing advantage versus living in a regular, large house where it becomes difficult to go from room to room.

Benefits of living in a Tiny House: Conclusions

With this blog post, I hope I have being able to show you all the amazing benefits and pros of living in a Tiny House.

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