Tiny House With Garage: 7 Amazing But Simple Design Ideas

Building a Tiny House that comes with a Garage is very possible. Tiny Houses come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Not all have garages…but they could!

Garages could help to create extra space for storage, protect your valuables, or a place where you can conveniently work on projects that you can’t do inside your house. With a garage, you can keep your vehicles away from rain during the rainy seasons. Parking your car won’t be a big deal.

Apart from keeping your car safe, a tiny house garage can be a tiny house foundation, providing extra storage space and a place to host visitors.

Here are some examples of tiny houses with garages to inspire you when building yours.

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Tiny House with Garage

#1. Tiny Home On Top Of One-Car Garage

Tiny House With Garage
This is a one-car garage. It has a similar layout to the contemporary tiny house. It is a wooden home with natural light and foundation like a contemporary tiny house studio. Its design is like a treehouse when located in the forests. This house is on top of the one-car garage and provides the needed extra space for your car and other items.

#2. Tiny House with Two-Car Garage

This is a 474 sq. ft. tiny home located in Boise, Idaho and it is built atop a two-car garage. The tiny house has a bedroom, built-in desk, backyard, and kitchen. Close to the garage, there is a front entrance that leads you upstairs to the living room. I know you might ask why a two-car garage when I have one car. The two-car garage helps your tiny house to have a large foundation, and storage space and protect your car.

#3. Contemporary Tiny Home Studio with One-Car Garage

Tiny House With Garage
This contemporary tiny home studio has a traditional natural feel. It has a nice bathroom, dryer, kitchen, and washer. It has tall windows that bring natural light to the second floor. It sits in a one-car garage that provides extra space for a vehicle and other things. It is a 366 sq. ft. studio with high ceilings.

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#4. The Carriage House

This is another example of a tiny house with a garage. The down floor of the house has a standard living room and kitchen while upstairs is your bedroom with a stone fireplace. The garage is adjacent to this building and you can use the garage space to host visitors and store some items. You can use the top of the garage as a deck, with easy access from your bedroom. This tiny house is designed by Zenith Design + Build.

#5. Tiny House With Open-Air Garage

Tiny House With Garage
This tiny house is also known as Casita Kuneho (little rabbit) in Joshua Tree, California. It is a 300 sq. ft. 2-story building. The tiny house is beautifully designed with a nicely arranged living space, kitchen, and bedroom. The top of the open-air garage also serves as a deck, from which you can see the sunset of the national park nearby.

The only disadvantage of this garage is that it can’t protect other items stored there except your car. So it’s easier to say the garage is only meant to shield your car, you can store other items.

#6. Tiny Home On Wheels

You may like to consider this example. It is a 400 sq. ft tiny house and can be moved from one place to another. One advantage of this tiny house is its mobility. There is a built-in garage that is even with the earth and allows for easy storing of the truck used in moving the tiny house. The design of this house is beautiful just like the style of living in modern trailers. Not to forget, the earth covers the wheels once you place it where you want to reside permanently.

#7. Two-Car Garage With Deck

This is another garage that can contain two cars. Even if you have one car, the extra garage space can be beneficial for storing other things or receiving guests. You can also use the deck of one of the garages for hosting guests. The layout of this tiny house is similar to Carriage House. The difference between this one and Carriage House is that a 2-car garage with a deck doesn’t have a lower-level entryway instead it has a second garage.

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In summary, attaching a garage to your tiny house doesn’t have to change your plans of living small. From the examples above, you could see that your garage can be the foundation or attached to the side of the tiny home.

Though building a tiny house with a garage may be expensive compared to your budget, it is worth it, especially if you need extra storage space or you don’t want your car exposed to rain and theft.

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