Tiny House enthusiasts have been wondering if it Is cheaper to buy or build a Tiny Home? We’ll let you in on the perfect answer to this question. Keep reading to find out!

Do you want to move into a tiny house and you’re considering if buying is cheaper than building your own tiny home? In this article I’ll be explaining the processes involved in buying or building a tiny house, advantages and disadvantages of building and buying a tiny home so you can make better financial decisions.

Cost of building a Tiny home: Is it cheaper to buy or build a Tiny Home

Before we can effectively answer the question “Is it cheaper to buy or build a Tiny Home”, we must first know how much it costs to build one. The underlying fact is that the amount you spend on the building materials could cost you between $20,000 – $40,000 or even more depending on how you want your tiny home to turn out.

If you’re building it by yourself you spend less than when you’re paying a tiny home builder to do it for you. Some of these builders could be Tumbleweed, Silvercrest Custom Homes and Renovations, LandWey among others. However, building it by yourself requires commitment so if you have the ability to build, then you can go ahead. I mean I’ve heard countless stories of people who had built their own tiny home, but they had to sacrifice their time and energy to achieve it. 

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It is also good if you pay a tiny home builder, this is because they have various amazing designs for you to choose from and they deliver well. 

So whichever one you choose the only monetary difference between the two is that you have to pay for their workmanship after buying the tools which is between the range of $4,000 – $6,000 on an average. 

And also let’s not forget the building permits. This can start as much as $1,350 depending on what state in the US you’re building from. However, expect to pay more if you have a bigger floor plan.

Cost of buying a Tiny home

Before we can effectively answer the question “Is it cheaper to buy or build a Tiny Home”, we must first know how much it costs to buy a Tiny House.

So if you think building would waste your time and you want to buy it right away, think again. To buy a tiny home in the US ranges from $150,000 – $200,000 or even more if luxury is included. If luxury is included it can be around $250,000.

If this is way too high for you to pay then you can buy a pre-owned house for about $65,000 – $70,000 depending on who you buy it from. 

However, the downside to buying a pre-owned home is that you can’t choose how you want it constructed or pick a design. If you’re looking for a perfect pre-owned house to meet your taste It’s gonna take a long long time.

Now that we’ve analyzed the cost of building and buying a tiny home let’s move on to the process of building and buying a tiny home. 

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Is it cheaper to buy or build a Tiny House?

To come to a reasonable conclusion, we’ll explore the process involved in building, and the process involved in buying a Tiny Home as well as their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Processes involved in buying a Tiny House

If for instance, you’re buying a Tiny House kit, where do you want your tiny home to be located? 

Before thinking of buying a house you need to choose the location where you’ll be using. You can use your backyard, a land that you’ve bought or renting or a public property. Choosing a location requires a lot of thinking and analyzing so you can won’t regret later on. 

You would need to ensure that your location has a good and accessible road that will be enough for the truck to deliver your tiny home easily and efficiently without any mishaps . 

Before placing an order ensure your finances are ready, do not go over the budget and get expensive because unlike building your tiny home where you get to have enough time before you can purchase the material, buying a tiny home is different, you pay immediately. Make sure that your selected site is ready and us road accessible too. 

So there you have it, all the steps required in buying a house. Now, Let’s move on to the processes involved in building a tiny house. 

Processes involved in building a tiny home

There are not much steps to follow when you’re building a tiny home. All you need to know is that when you’re building a tiny home by yourself all you need to do is get the materials needed and also be committed. 

And if you’re hiring a tiny home builder all you have to do is pay him and he’ll have the work delivered to you as far as you’ve prepared for the finances. 

Now that we understand the processes involved in building or buying a tiny home, another factor that will inform your decision to know if it’s less expensive to buy or build a Tiny home is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of building or buying a tiny home.

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Advantages of building a tiny home

It is relatively cheap. The eventual cost you’ll pay to build is tantamount to how much the materials and the labor costs, unlike a purchased building in which the Tiny house builder has already marked up the price with his profit. You also get to choose how it should be constructed and designed.

Disadvantages of building a tiny home 

It takes time. Building your own home will take some time like within a month especially if you’re hiring a professional but if you’re doing it yourself it might likely take more if you’re not skilled. 

Advantages of buying a tiny home

It takes less time. It doesn’t take a lot of time when you’re buying a tiny home because most of them have already being built down so all you have to do is order it. 

Disadvantages of buying a tiny house

It can be quite expensive. Yes! Buying a tiny house is far more expensive than building one, even if you’re buying a pre-owned tiny house. 

Is it cheaper to buy or build a Tiny Home?

After reading through this article I am sure you’ve made up your mind on which to go for. The fact is that I can’t choose for you, only you can take the decision on which one is preferable for you.  In most cases, the depth of your pocket or how much you have in the Bank would to a large extent determine if it’s cheaper to buy or build a Tiny House.

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