2 Bedroom Tiny House Cost: A Detailed Breakdown

Do you want to buy or build a 2 bedroom tiny house and you are thinking about what it would cost? Are you also considering what Tiny home plan to use? Search no further.

Below is a detailed guide on the subject matter.

A tiny house can come in different plans and designs depending on what you want. Having more than one bedroom in your tiny house is a nice idea if you have a family or friends who may likely visit. It makes the places spacious and more comfortable.

How much does a 2 bedroom Tiny House cost?

MK3 - Two Bedroom Tiny House - Meerkerk House of Wood

The cost of a 2 bedroom tiny house is about $50,000 to $125,000 for a prefab unit and $62,500 to $200,000 for a custom home. The size range for this house is 250 to 500 sq .ft and it could contain the 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and any added area. Lofts can also be added to bedrooms.

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Other factors affect the overall cost, whether you are buying or building. Some of those factors are:

  1. Amenities included
  2. Access to Utilities
  3. Building on foundation or wheels
  4. The house size
  5. Building permit cost

2 Bedroom Tiny House for Sale

From the above, you have known the price of 2 bedroom tiny house, whether you are buying or building. We move to the availability of this type of house for sale.

The best way to get a tiny house is through the Tiny house development Company near you. You should look for legit companies. These companies are capable of showing you available 2 bedroom tiny homes either on wheels or with foundation at the places you can afford.

2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans

There are several building plans for a 2 bedroom tiny house. We have a selected few, you can choose from to inspire and help you decide on how you want yours to look.

You would love your house to look good, right? These plans can be used for diverse styles of Tiny Houses but the only difference would be in the size of each room:

Plan #1

In this plan, you can notice there’s only a slight difference between the master bedroom and the other bedroom. The garage is optional and has two bathrooms.

You have to note that, you must not follow this plan to the exact letter. According to Tekno Step, you may choose to add wooden floor boards all over the house, you may want to make each room smaller, remove some rooms you do not need, or make rooms more spacious. Everything depends on your choice.

Plan #2

Just look at the size of that porch! The living room here is big, it has only one bathroom and two closets. You may decide to leave one closet and create space for an extra bathroom or make all rooms equal in size.

Plan #3

2 Bedroom Tiny House Cost

This is a nice Tiny House plan. During cold weather, you could warm up in the fireplace. The rooms are well arranged and quite spacious too.

Plan #4

Simple and straight to the point, this is another remarkable 2-bedroom tiny house plan. It has a full bathroom, It’s spacious and it can be adjusted to your taste. In fact, the sitting room is so big that you can opt to split it into an extra room to make it a 3 bed.

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Creative Tiny Bedroom Ideas

You might think that having an added bedroom in your tiny house would make it uncomfortable or less spacious. No! the reverse is the case. It would look amazing.

All you need is to use the right house plan that suits you, and use lighter or natural paint colors, this will make the rooms feel more airy and large. Then beautify your room using some creative ideas below:

#1. Sleeping lofts: This is one way to maximize space. It would make it look more luxurious. You can create a closet on one side of the bed, to store books, clothes, or other items.

#2. Convertible Sofa Bed: Most Tiny houses are making use of this furniture. It is like sofas, but it can be quickly rearranged to form a bed.

#3. Elevator Lift Bed: This type can be raised manually or via remote control. When raised, they make use of lots of space. When lowered, they provide a less clustered and comfortable sleeping area.

#4. Trundle / Roll-Out Beds: This type of bed is very beneficial. And it is a creative way to have more than one bed. You only roll or pull it out when you need it. Less space consumption.

#5. Use Narrow Storage Cabinets: Use this to store your items like clothes, books, etc, in case you have no closet.


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