Tiny House Community In Texas You Would Love To Live In

Texas is one of the top tiny house friendly states. So, if you think Texas won’t be a good place to reside in a tiny home, you are wrong. There are several tiny house community in Texas. Read through to find out more about them.

Tiny House Community In Texas: Interesting Facts About Texas

Spur, Texas was declared the “nation’s first tiny-house friendly town.” There are several tiny house communities in Texas, where you can freely reside. We will be looking into some of them below.

Texas is a state in the South Central Region of the United States. It was rated as the second-largest US state by population and area in 2020. This state is doing well in different sectors like tourism, agriculture, technology, aerospace, energy, petrochemicals, biomedical sciences, and industries.

Texas is also called the Lone Star State. This is because of its former status as an independent republic and to always remember the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. The Lone Star is found on the flag and seal of Texas state.

When it comes to tiny home living, Texas is one of the top tiny house friendly states and it has more tiny homes than some other states. Though there are building codes and requirements that apply to the state, you just have to know which one applies to where you want to live.

Most rural counties have little zoning authority and so, have less control over the tiny house you would like to build. However, since there are tiny house communities in the state, you can easily buy or rent a tiny home and escape issues of building or zoning rules. Just make sure to fumigate any Tiny House you end up buying to protect from pests and rodents that pose risk to your building.

Tiny House Community In Texas

Let’s look at some tiny house communities in Texas:

#1. Lake Dallas

Tiny House Community In Texas

Lake Dallas is the first project in the nation for tiny houses on wheels (THOW). It is a tiny home village located in the suburbs, just 30 miles north of downtown Dallas between Denton and Lewisville.

This one-acre project was approved in 2017, each home here ranges in size from 800 to 900 sq. ft. with parking for anyone that will enclose the tiny home’s perimeter.

This tiny home community also accepts any tiny house on wheels that is built to the International Residential Code and Appendix Q. Tiny homes must be inspected and approved by a Texas certified inspector.

The maximum tiny house size permitted is 8.5 feet wide and about 40 feet long. RVs, mobile homes, or shipping containers are not allowed by the tiny house community. Rent for lots costs about $600 to $650 and it covers water, trash, sewer, use of washateria, and minor weeding of each lot.

Lake Dallas tiny home village has a large area for a community garden with each resident having their garden too. There is a central trash bin, on-site washateria, a backyard area with a fire pit, picnic tables, benches, and more. This tiny home is close to a library, school, mailbox, and university. Isn’t that lovely?

#2. Majestic Hills

This is another tiny house community in Texas. It is just a few minutes from Lake Conroe, Woodlands, and Houston. This community offers a lot of amenities to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Each homesite has space for parking for guests and residents. There are also concrete roads leading to the community and each home site.

Majestic Hills tiny house community has a dog park and garden, outdoor lawn games, heated pool or hot tub, workout facility, community center, outdoor living center with kitchen or grill, access to cable television and the internet, and more. The tiny homes costs under $200k.

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#3. Waters Edge

Tiny House Community In Texas

Waters Edges tiny house community is located in the area of Lake Conroe. This tiny house community is an RV resort-style lakeside community that is comfortable, serene, and surrounded by nature.

This community is a lovely place to live. In this place, you can go fishing, play miniature golf, and enjoy the lake. This community has a free parking lot within walking distance. It is gated and also has a private entrance that only permits access to guests and residents.

Also, there is a clubhouse, event center for hosting events, parties, and meetings, and outdoor sports facilities which include basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, horseshoes, washers, etc. It offers RV parks and other facilities.

The cost of maintaining a tiny home is quite cheap, depending on where you are parking your tiny house, you just have to pay for land rental and insurance.

#4. Village Farm

Tiny House Community In Texas

Village Farm is another tiny house community located in East Austin, less than 8 miles from downtown East Austin. Village farm is centered around Green Gate Farm and is designed to improve the lives of residents with the purpose of simplifying life and fostering a sense of togetherness as a community.

This tiny house community offers free-standing homes, fewer costs, and nice designs. The community has a pool and jacuzzi, dog parks, a cafe, community gardens, picnic and BBQ areas, and other facilities.

#5. La Bohemia Villas

La Bohemia Villas is located in Cumby, Texas. The community offers lots of rental services and tiny home sales. This tiny home community has a beach resort style in the East Texas countryside setting.

There are several amenities to make your stay comfortable and entertaining. This home offers outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment, a pool, a dog park, a courtyard, and more.

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Tiny House Community In Texas: Conclusion

In summary, tiny house communities are becoming more popular in Texas. Even if you are not a Texan, you can choose to relocate to Texas and live comfortably in a tiny house community. These tiny home communities offer amenities or facilities to aid comfort and entertainment. And let’s not forget that it is also affordable.

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