There Are More Types Of Tiny Houses & Homes Than You Realize

There are different types of nice, beautiful and cool Tiny houses that you can consider purchasing or moving into depending on your choice of tiny house.

In this article I’ll be listing and explaining types of tiny houses and also their features. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it:

Types of Tiny Houses & Homes

There are majorly 7 different tiny house types, some of which you may have come across but you just didn’t know what they were called. Well. here’s a refresher crash course.

#1. Skoolies

Northwest Bus Sales Used 1991 Blue Bird All American 14 Row 83 Passenger  School Bus - B43667 - YouTube

The first one I’ll be explaining is called Skoolies. This is a common tiny house that I am sure you have come across. The Skoolie is a bus, usually a school bus that has been restructured to look like a tiny home. Most people use this type of house to go on road trips with their family or friends, or on vacation usually for a long period of time. They are similar to an RV but the only difference is that they have more storage space than an RV.

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#2. Cabins

Spacious TINY HOUSE w/ Hidden Loft! | Mod Cabins Tiny Home Tour! - YouTube

This is one of the oldest and most popular types of tiny homes and is used worldwide. 

Most people prefer this type of house during vacations to get away from the hustle of the modern world. So they can have peace and quiet. It is usually located in remote areas, like in the woods or forest which is best for camping with family and friends. 

The existence of cabins has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. And it is easy to set up. You just require some wood to build it. You can build it yourself if you have the ability or just call a professional to build it for you. In less than three weeks you can move into your very own cabin. 

#3. Tiny house on wheels (THOW) 

Ultimate tiny homes on wheels that can go anywhere |

This is one of the most interesting tiny house from the word tiny house on wheels. I am sure you must have grasp the concept. The house is built on four wheels or more not big wheels but small ones. 

Most people would prefer this house because it is mobile and they can take it anywhere they want for example if you’re given a job in another part of town you don’t need to start looking for a house as far as you have a land or a space you can simply just hitch it to a truck and move it down to the new location. 

Or if you’re on a vacation and you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can simply carry it to where you would be staying. 

You don’t need to start thinking of buying a big plot especially if you’re moving to a new location. This is because it takes up less space. So I’ll recommend you purchasing this type of tiny home. 

#4. Types of Tiny Houses – RVs

Top RVs To Rent For A Family Of Four

RV also known as recreational vehicle is another type of tiny home that is also common. There are also different types of RV you can choose from this include:

  1. Travel trailer
  2. Lightweight trailer
  3. Fifth wheel

And so much more. The RV is easy to drive and maneuver. It is very comfortable with all the necessities of life. RVs can contain a refrigerator, toilets, kitchen, bedroom etc. 

People use RVs more during vacations with friends and family, camping and during road trip and they are large enough for an entire family to stay without being cramped up depending on the type of RV.

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#5. Tiny House Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) 

types of tiny homes

This type of tiny house is permanent when built, that means you can’t carry it or move it anywhere. This house is usually built as secondary homes where you can just go to have peace and quiet. As such, it is more expensive to build than other tiny houses.

You can build it yourself if you have the professional skills and ability, you just have to order for the materials and start building. Alternatively, you can call a professional to build it for you.

#6. Granny pods

types of tiny houses

Am sure you’ll be thinking…Granny pods? 

The main purpose of the granny pods was originally to create a comfortable and beautiful home for the elderly to have their family over during the holidays while also being independent. 

With the fast rate at which people are moving into tiny houses or buying up tiny houses everyone is also moving to the granny pods either young or old! So you can also move into your very own comfortable granny pods. 

#7. Containers

types of tiny houses

One of my personal favorites, this type of tiny house uses a shipping container as a home. It is not expensive and you can get it at a cheaper price anywhere. It is very reliable i.e. it takes time to fix or repair, it is highly resistant to water during rainy seasons. 

The shape of the container is very conducive and comfortable and easy to design and decorate however you want. 

Types of Tiny Houses Conclusion

Tiny homes are very comfortable and convenient if you give it a try. Lesson of the day is this: you shouldn’t be limited to just one type of tiny house. Go for whichever tickles your design fancy.

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