How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House? You’d Be Surprised

So how long does it take to build a Tiny House? We’ll break it down bit by bit for you in this post.

Tiny houses offer a simple lifestyle and maximum use of less space. It’s simple and comfortable to live in and just to add, it comes with fewer bills. However, if you decide to build one, I am sure you’d ask how long it takes to build a tiny house. Keep reading to get the answer to this question.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House

Knowing how long it will take one to build a tiny house depends on skill level, size, and complexity. A professional is likely to build a tiny house in 120 to 300 hours while a DIYer may take 500 hours to build one. Some people who are working and building part-time may likely complete it in a year.

Things That Affect The Time Taken To Build A Tiny House

1. Level of Skill/Experience

A DIYer will take more time in building than a professional because building a tiny house requires that you have experience in different areas. You have to be skillful. You need to have some skills like plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, construction, structural engineering, etc.

You can consider contracting the help of professionals in some of the skills required. This will help the work go faster and save time.

2. Budget

This is another thing that affects the time used to build a tiny house. When building by yourself, you may have to spend extra money to speed up the work. You may need to get some tools, and wires and even hire professionals to help speed up the work.

If you plan to save time and complete your tiny house building in time, you have to have some extra money to spend on materials and professional help.

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3. Weather Condition

The weather is one of the things that affect the time taken to build a tiny house. So, you have to check the seasons in the area where you plan to complete your building plan. Check if it’s a rainy season or winter.

It is better to work during Summer, the days are longer and you will have time to work more. You should plan properly, so you can use those days maximally.

Key Things You Can Do To Save Time On Your Build

How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House

There are several things you can do to save time when building a tiny house.

1. Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools can help to speed up the building process and spend money in the right places where it will be useful. You need to get the right tools that will be needed at any point and not just any kind of tools, get high-quality tools.

Tools like impact driver and miter saw, are very useful during building. Also, air tools are very important, they are useful and really save time. A tool like a nail gun saves time and energy. Instead of using a hammer, you can easily use a nail gun.

2. Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals will help you when you get to different points that you do not know about. If you plan well, the professionals will help to save you some time and do the work better.

3. Meal Preparation

For you to save time when building, you have to prepare your meal ahead of time. If you will be taking your lunch on-site or need to take some snacks on-site, preparing them ahead is better because you won’t have to leave the site, thereby pausing your work to get the needed food or snacks.

Also, try eating healthy foods. Don’t go for junk. Eat foods that will give you energy and nutrients. Ensure you avoid food that you are allergic to. You can opt for fruits sometimes. Always drink lots of water too.

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4. Begin with a Tiny House Shell

If you desire to cut the building process, you can buy a tiny house shell or panel home. It will save time and money. These panel homes can help you build your tiny home quickly. Some companies are involved in selling prefabricated sections of a tiny home as a kit. You can get the kit and build your home easily.

5. Buy a completed tiny house

Do you need your tiny house quickly and you don’t want to experience the stress and cost of building one? Then, you can purchase a used or new fully completed tiny house. So, what is left for you is to arrange and design your living and other areas in the house. However, if you meet a structure on ground that you don’t like, just call a demolition and Junk removal company to clear the site for you to build a Tiny Home of your taste.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House: How To Deal With Weather During Building

This is a point most people miss while building or wish they had done while they were building their tiny homes. Now, if you must build a tiny house, build it in an enclosed space. The place must have a solid roof. Also, you need to check the season in the particular place you want to build and make some adjustments so that it would not affect the building of your tiny home.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House: How To Deal With Burn Out During Building

The first thing you need to note is that as a DIYer, building a tiny house is not easy. So, a step at a time. Don’t try to compare yourself or work at the rate of a professional. If you do, the work will take a toll on you leading to complete burn out that will make you stop working for the time being.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Tiny House: Conclusion

In summary, it will take a professional a shorter time frame to build a tiny house than a DIYer. Build according to your pace and strength. There are several ways noted above that will enable you to use your time maximally and get a quality tiny house. Don’t try to work at the rate of a professional, so it doesn’t result in total exhaustion.

We advise that you check with professional builders before trying to build by yourself. Through this method you can learn new tips and easy ways to build your tiny house very well.

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