5 Breathtaking Tiny Houses For Rent In Washington

Finding Tiny Houses for rent in Washington state is a good idea if you’re thinking about relocating to Washington or you just need a beautiful place to spend your weekend getaway. Keep reading to check out our amazing listing of tiny houses for rent in Washington.

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Tiny Homes For Rent In Washington: Is Washington Tiny House Friendly?

A tiny house is a dwelling that can be built on wheels and may not be larger than 400 square feet, which includes a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and must be built according to Washington State Building Code.

You can live permanently in a tiny house in Washington but you have to consult your local building department before constructing your tiny house. Your tiny house must be built according to Washington State Building Code and placed in the right location before it can be approved.

You must check with the building department where you want to buy, build or place your tiny house to know what is required before you can get their permit. Even if you want to purchase an already used or completed tiny house, you still have to contact the local building department to check if your building is accepted and permitted to use in the area you want it.

The same goes for those tiny houses built in a factory or elsewhere and moved to where they will be used, an L&I insignia is needed.

However, different counties or cities have different rules for tiny houses. Some of the criteria for establishing your tiny house as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Washington:

  • Woodland requires that the Accessory Dwelling Unit size range must be between 300 to 800 square feet.
  • Tiny houses built in King County must be built with a permanent foundation.
  • Tiny homes in Seattle are classified as ADUs, and here, they don’t allow tiny houses on wheels.

Other tiny homeowners in Washington have been able to meet these requirements and reside peacefully in Washington. You can too or may decide to rent a tiny home that meets all the requirements. Renting gives you the opportunity to learn more and enjoy the uniqueness of tiny homes and also the State at large.

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Tiny Houses For Rent In Washington

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for rent, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or owner.

#1. Eco-friendly Washington Tiny House for rent

Tiny Houses For Rent In Washington

This beautiful tiny home is located on Whidbey Island, Washington. It offers an excellent getaway amongst the evergreens. The tiny house has a wraparound deck with access to a private beach.

It has a lovely interior and a serene environment. The home has an open, studio layout furnished in a simple but beautiful way. Also, the house comes with full amenities, from kitchen equipment to toiletries, mattered, a comfortable living room, etc.

#2. Sweet Little Cabin

Tiny Houses For Rent In Washington

This cabin is located in Forks, Washington. It is situated a few minutes away from downtown Forks and less than 40 minutes drive from all the common outdoor activities. Indoors of this tiny home is equipped with a loft with two twin mattresses and a full mattress that can also double as a couch in the living room.

However, the space may look small but four people can sleep there. It has a kitchen with basic cooking items, a mini fridge, a coffee maker, a countertop oven, pots, dishes, and silverware. This home also comes with an inside boot dryer to ensure your feet are warm and dry for daily adventures. It costs about $133 per night.

The outdoors of the Washington State tiny home is very beautiful and safe for kids to run around and play. It has a serene environment and everything is kept clean.

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#3. Glass Tiny House Under The Stars

Tiny Houses For Rent In Washington

This tiny house offers guests the opportunity to stay and enjoy a private “Glasshouse” room set on a farm. It is located in Liberty Bay. Two guests and their pets can sleep under the stars in the glass house. The glass house has a glass roof and window walls to enable you to enjoy the view. Also, privacy screens are provided for optional privacy.

This tiny house is quite different from others. Guests can use the portability close to the tiny house and host’s bathroom at the Farm House for showering from 8 am to 7 pm. There is a lot to keep visitors busy at the farm. There is a fun community saloon, where you can play pool, and use Wi-Fi and this place provides a BBQ grill and shared kitchenette. The Farmer’s Market with fresh, seasonal produce and Baker Creek is also available.

#4. New Waterfront Cabin Tiny Houses for rent in Washington

This beautiful cabin is located near Olympic National Park, about 5 miles from the Olympic National Park Visitors Center. This is a lovely location for people who would like to get away from major roads and love to be close to outdoor activities and grocery stores.

This tiny house has a serene stream close to it. The tiny house is furnished with beautiful antiques, well placed, and equipped with everything you may need. It has a queen size bed, comfortable living room, and equipped kitchen and 3-4 people can comfortably stay in the home.

This tiny house with dimensions of 600 square feet costs about $184 per night. You can bring in your dog with prior approval but it costs an additional fee of $36.00 a night.

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#5. New Modern Mt. Rainier Cabin

The New Modern Mt. Rainier Cabin is located at Ashford, Washington, United States of America. This tiny house was a passion project for Tye and Erika. It started from a photo in a magazine to some drawings, then blueprints and the building started.

This tiny house with dimensions of 500 square feet can sleep 2 guests comfortably. It has a spacious wrap-around deck that is surrounded by huge Douglas Fir trees. Also, there are cabbage board, scrabble, backgammon, etc, Wi-Fi, an outdoor fire pit, a propane fireplace, a propane grill, an outdoor dining area, a 55-inch TV to watch movies on Netflix, and a swimming pool. This can cost about $229 per night.

Get in contact with the Landlord/Tiny House owner

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for rent, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or owner.

Washington Tiny Homes for rent: The Conclusion

In summary, you can afford and rent some really nice tiny homes in Washington State. It may be for a weekend getaway or you just want to know how it feels to live in a tiny house before buying one. For any of these reasons, you can get a tiny house for rent in Washington State to suit your needs

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