There are Tiny House communities in Wisconsin that are housing estates with only tiny home structures. In this post, we’ll show you some of the more prominent communities. Keep reading.

Wisconsin ranks as the 25th largest state by total area and also ranks 20th in population. Madison, the state capital is currently the second-most populated city and also the fastest growing one in the state. This state is bordered by Lake Michigan to the east, Minnesota to the west, Michigan to the northeast, Illinois to the south, and Lake Superior to the north.

This state is the leading producer of Ginseng in the United States. It has so many wonderful features. It is also known as the dairy capital of the United States. It produces more milk compared to other states. It is the home of the famous American architect, designer, educator, and writer, Frank Lloyd Wright. He had designed more than 1,000 structures while he was alive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wisconsin Tiny Home communities

There are lots of questions on your mind concerning living in a tiny house or if there are tiny house communities in Wisconsin. Not to worry, we will be providing answers to some FAQs, you can drop some of the questions below in the comment section.

How much do Tiny Houses cost in Wisconsin Tiny House Communities?

In Wisconsin, tiny houses cost about $30,000 to $100,000. It depends on if you want to buy or build your tiny house. Building a tiny house will cost you about that same amount or more, depending on the materials you are using.

Is Wisconsin Tiny Home friendly?

Each state or city has its laws guiding it. We can’t really say Wisconsin is not tiny home friendly but there are some restrictions. Some cities do not have clear regulations regarding building and living in tiny houses while some do not allow tiny homes. So, if you wish to dwell in Wisconsin, you have to do some research to know more.

What cities in Wisconsin permit Tiny Houses?

Madison is one city that permits tiny houses. Dane County in Madison has clear regulations on tiny houses in form of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that do not permit more than 800 square feet. Tiny homes on wheels are defined as portable shelters and should not be more than 150 Square feet.

For other cities, the laws are not so clear, so you will need to get more information from the city or town’s zoning offices. Marshfield in Wisconsin may not have clear regulations regarding tiny houses, but can still allow tiny homes since they have no minimum square footage requirement.

Do you require a permit to build a Tiny House in Wisconsin?

Just as we earlier said tiny house laws may not be the same in every city or state. However, the state laws of Wisconsin may make it difficult for people to build tiny houses, particularly tiny homes with permanent foundations. Several zoning codes restrict tiny houses. It is best to check if it is legal to build a tiny home anywhere in Wisconsin.

What about tiny houses on wheels?

Though, regulations may differ. Madison and other cities may allow tiny houses on foundations since they can be categorized in ADUs. However, for a tiny house on wheels, it may be quite difficult. Some cities or towns may permit larger portable shelters (tiny houses on wheels), but laws may differ, so it’s better to find out more about it.

Does Wisconsin have tiny house communities?

Wisconsin doesn’t have as many tiny house communities as other US states. They have the Canoe Bay Escape Village. This is one beautiful tiny house community. 90% of the area is lakes and wetlands. You can use a canoe on the lakes or swim. The houses are built in a way that you can enjoy your privacy.

Best Tiny House Communities in Wisconsin

Canoe Bay Escape Village

Tiny House Communities in Wisconsin

Canoe Bay has been in business for about 25years. It has been rated as one of the best getaway centers in the United States. This is the first and largest tiny house resort in the Midwest. It is located in northwest Wisconsin. It is located on over 100 acres of hardwood forest with wetlands and lakes. You can either buy or rent a tiny home here.

The houses are designed to have a spacious floor plan, large windows, a bathroom, a kitchen with the necessary appliances, and a comfortable bed. The loft access to the sleeping area is a ladder which is close to the bathroom.

The tiny houses are placed at different places in the resort, near the two lakes – Lost Lake and Mallard Lake. It gives you a lovely natural setting with an opportunity to swim, fish, kayak, canoe, hike, etc. It is a nice recreation and relaxation center.


I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to know more about Tiny house communities in Wisconsin. We’ve also written extensively about other Tiny Home communities in the United States like Georgia and Florida.

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