Have you been wondering if there are Tiny house communities in Georgia? Yes! There are. In this post, we will be looking at the various Tiny Home communities and their location in our beloved state of Georgia.

Georgia is one of the most populous states in the Southeastern region of the United States. It was named after King George II. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights leader is one of the most famous Georgians, the home, he grew up in is still situated in Georgia, and you can even visit it today.

The state is well known for its Peach production. Nicknamed “The Peach State”, Georgia is one of the four states that produce a large number of peaches every year.

Let’s not forget the parks, waterfalls, and mountains located in the state as well as its good soil and climate. This state is also the birthplace of the brand, Coca-Cola. Yes, you read that correctly – The World of Coca-Cola is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, won’t you like to live in a place with a robust economy and many tourist centers and parks?

Tiny House Communities in Georgia

It’s certainly not difficult to find a tiny house community in the state as tiny house communities are on the increase and Georgia’s state laws are quite welcoming for tiny house communities.

Georgia, like many other states in the U.S., has seen a growing interest in tiny house communities. These communities offer a unique lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity, sustainability, and community living. Here are some key points about tiny house communities in Georgia:

Key points

1. Locations: Tiny house communities can be found in various parts of Georgia, including urban, suburban, and rural areas. Some are nestled in the countryside, while others are closer to city centers.

2. Sustainability: Many tiny home communities in Georgia prioritize eco-friendly living. They often use sustainable building materials and incorporate renewable energy sources like solar panels to reduce their environmental footprint.

3. Community Living: The sense of community is a significant draw for tiny house enthusiasts. These communities often have shared spaces, such as gardens, common rooms, and outdoor areas, where residents can interact and build relationships.

4. Zoning Regulations: Zoning regulations regarding tiny houses can vary by location. Some municipalities have embraced tiny houses, while others may have restrictions on their size and placement. It’s essential to research local zoning laws before planning to live in a tiny house community.

5. Amenities: The amenities offered in tiny house communities can vary widely. Some communities provide communal kitchens and bathrooms, while others offer fully self-contained tiny homes with private facilities.

6. Ownership Models: Residents in tiny house communities may own their tiny homes, lease the land they’re on, or have a combination of both arrangements. The ownership model can significantly impact the cost and long-term stability of living in a tiny house community.

7. Cost: The cost of living in a tiny house community can be lower than traditional housing options, but it varies depending on factors like location, amenities, and ownership arrangements.

8. Events and Workshops: Some tiny house communities in Georgia host events, workshops, and gatherings for like-minded individuals interested in tiny living. These events can be a great way to learn more about the lifestyle and connect with others.

9. Lifestyle Choice: Living in a tiny house community is a lifestyle choice that requires downsizing and simplifying one’s possessions. It’s essential to consider whether this lifestyle aligns with your values and needs.

10. Growing Popularity: Tiny house living continues to gain popularity in Georgia and across the United States. As a result, more communities may emerge in the future, offering diverse options for those interested in this unique way of life.

Before joining a tiny house community in Georgia, it’s crucial to research the specific community you’re interested in, understand the legal and financial implications, and visit in person if possible to get a feel for the environment and the people who live there.

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#1. Cottages on Vaughan

Tiny House Communities in Georgia

This is the state’s first tiny house community. The Cottages on Vaughan is located in Clarkston, Georgia and it includes eight cottages that are 250 to 550 square feet in size.

Cutting across a half-acre. This development was a joint effort between MicroLife Institute and the city. The houses cost between $119,000 and $201,000. These houses have kitchens, bathrooms, basic amenities, and lot and front porches to encourage socialization. It also has communal areas outside the homes like the fire pit, enabling interaction between occupants.

The community is also built with climate-conscious features such as solar panels, and regenerative landscaping. It provides an opportunity for people to own homes in a city, where there are not many available lands and also these homes can be rented.

The Atlanta Regional Commission recognized it as the most innovative development in metro Atlanta this year.

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#2. River Ridge Escape Tiny House Communities in Georgia

Apparently, everything here is an “escape”. Tiny House Communities in Georgia like River Ridge Escape, sells tiny houses for any budget, whether expensive or less expensive.

There are several models to choose from. And many tiny home communities in the mountains of North Georgia, or we can ship your tiny home anywhere in the country.

Some of the tiny house communities are:

• Little River Escape

Little River Escape is a 50-acre community just for tiny house owners. It is located in the mountains of Menlo, Georgia. This community enables those who want to be tiny house owners, own homes and also the land, the tiny house will be on.

This place has a lot of amazing sites like the waterfalls, mountains, community pool, and fun communal events to take part in. Tiny houses in this community are about $61,950, this includes the tiny house and the purchase of your land, about 30,000 square feet. It only takes about 8-10 weeks to complete.

There are pre-built Tiny House Communities in Georgia and there’s also allowance in case you want to build yours. There are lots of designs of the tiny house to choose from. Common areas in the community include a pool, gym, river access, paddle boats, hiking trails, dog park, and community garden club.

• High Point Escape

High Point Escape has more than 12 purchasable lots. We estimate it to cost $15,000-$20,000 to construct a one-bedroom tiny house for each lot. It has long driveways.

• Mentone Mountain Escape

This neighborhood is just 3 miles from downtown Mentone, Alabama on top of Lookout Mountain. Its price ranges from $16,000-$28,000. The back of the tiny houses has a mountain view of pastures. It also has a fire pit and a dog park. Each house is situated on approximately 1/2-3/4 of an acre.

•River Side Escape

River Side Escape has 11 lots, you can purchase, that range in size, and some of these lots have waterfront views and access. There is a little river, where you can swim, put boats, and relax around. Each tiny house has been built with different models.


I hope through this article, you were able to find more information about tiny communities in Georgia.

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