‌Tiny Houses in Virginia: Number 9 Is Breathtaking!

Looking for ‌Tiny Houses in Virginia for your Tiny Home inspiration? These pictures will leave you speechless.

What’s it like to live in Virginia?

The State of Virginia is well known for renowned landmarks like the Appalachian Trail, it’s Sun kissed Beaches, relaxing Resorts as well as being the only state in the US that has birthed the most number of American Presidents.

You heard that right! 8 US Presidents have emerged from this State alone, including some of the most popular names like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Flanked by Beaches like the Virginia Beach to the east and Mountains like the Appalachian Mountains to the West, living in a Tiny House in Virginia could very well be worth the hassle.

One more thing…did I mention that Virginia is one of the safest parts of America? Yes it is! Asides from being home to the Pentagon, it also plays host to the presence of more than 20 different US Military groups.

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Tiny Houses in Virginia

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from prefab Tiny Homes in Virginia, or you’re content with Airbnb Tiny Houses, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most outstanding Tiny Real Estate you can ever see:

#1. The Clara

This boxy structure of a Tiny House is clad in Timber panels and painted to blend into the lush landscape of the forest.

One of its ends is raised above the forest floor and houses the bed area and a gigantic window to drink in the sunlight and scenery.

#2. Right Angle ‌Tiny Houses in Virginia

This right angle designed house Is simply an architectural masterpiece! There’s ample space for a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

#3. The IKEA Tiny House???

Tiny Houses in Virginia

You read that right! US Furniture maker, IKEA has officially launched into the Tiny movement with the introduction of its very own new Tiny House!

#4. The Chic prefab Tiny Home

This one-piece, sophisticated yet simple work of architecture houses two compartments: A larger ground floor for the living area and kitchen, and upstairs you have the bedroom. I love the utter simplicity!

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#5. Japanese triangular Tiny Home

Tiny Houses in Virginia

This one is what I’d call a ‘Symphony of angles’. It must have been built on a triangular piece of land and as such, the Architect, being a clever man that he is, sort to maximize the available space as much as he could…and thus, this was born!

#6. Floating Villa Tiny Houses in Virginia

Talk about being lost at sea! This Tiny home sleeps just two guests and gives you an infinite view of the water. Perfect for you and that significant someone in your life.

#7. Double-Trouble Container

If container Tiny Houses are your thing, then this two-storey, work of art of a container is your ideal getaway location. The views from up high on the balcony will be amazing.

#8. The black winged Beast

Forgive my crazy, morbid description but you have to admit, with those house wings made from two 40 foot containers on either side, this is certainly a feast for the eyes.

I’d take this anyday instead of being crammed in my unadventurous 2 bed in the city.

#9. 3-storey Tiny Houses in Virginia!

‌Tiny Houses in Virginia

You definitely don’t see this everyday. Cheers to creating the most space out of a space-starved Tiny House…and those spiral staircases, my gosh! 🥺.

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#10. The Hitam

‌Tiny Houses in Virginia

Out of all the properties on our list, we can boldly say that this one exudes luxury living at its best. Tiny Houses don’t have to cut costs in all areas. Live a little with The Hitam!


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