Tiny house FAQs: Get Answers To All Your Questions

For years, people have been seeking answers to FAQs about Tiny House. To this effect, we’ve compiled a list of the most asked Tiny Home questions and we’ve sourced answers from Tiny House experts. Keep reading to get all your questions answered.

Tiny House FAQs Answered

Tiny House FAQs Q1: What is a tiny house? 

A: A tiny house is an architectural, convenient and comfortable place within the range of 400-600 square meters depending on the location and the size of the tiny home. A tiny house is defined in Appendix Q of the 2018 International Residential Code as a “dwelling unit with a maximum of 37 square meters (400 sq ft) of floor area, excluding loft.”

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Tiny House FAQs Q2: How much power does a tiny house require?

A: A tiny house requires up to 4KW per day. Over 80% of this power is used up by modern appliances like dishwashers, toasters, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and the rest.  

Tiny House FAQs Q3: What do you need for a tiny house? 

A: Are you looking for the necessary requirements or need for a tiny house? When moving into your own tiny home you should consider the size and weight of all the objects that you want to keep in your home. According to SnapFresh ToolsHere’s a list of 5 main requirements that you need in a tiny house:

#1. Composting Toilet

This is one of the most crucial needs for a tiny house. This should be the first thing you should put into consideration when building or buying a tiny home. I mean you cannot start running around looking for where to use the toilet when you have a home.

#2. Washer and dryer

This is another important component or needs of a tiny house. This will stop the frequent visits to the laundromat. But you need to consider the size of the tiny house, so in order to ensure that there is enough space you have to forgo one. 

It’s better if you keep the washer and forget the dryer. But if your tiny home can fit the two then there’s no problem!

#3. Shelves

You should also consider shelving it to ensure that there is enough space for other equipment. You can keep your cups, books, and pictures on the shelves. 

#4. Gas cooker and ovens

This is also one of the necessary equipment or needs in a tiny home. If you’re the kind that cooks a lot then you should go for a gas cooker but if you cook rarely then you should go for an oven.

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#5. Compact fridges

You should opt for a medium fridge when building your tiny home. Although the kind of fridge you’d be using is based on the size of your tiny home. 

Tiny House FAQs Q4: What is the best size of a tiny house? 

A: The truth is that the size of your tiny house can be as big or large as you want it to, as long as you are happy staying with it and there are no limitations with you. Because it’s a tiny home doesn’t certainly mean it has to be very tiny it depends on how you want it. You’re the boss! 😁😁Though a tiny house usually ranges between 60-400 square meters. 

Tiny House FAQs Q5: How many bedrooms can a tiny house have? 

A: It’s easy to imagine that because its called “Tiny”, then it can only fit one bedroom. But that’s not true! Especially if you’re gonna be living with your family, the tiny world is expanding and you can have up to two, three, four bedrooms in a tiny house. It all depends on what you want!

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Q6: Can you have a regular toilet in a tiny house?

A: This is one of the most asked questions. Of course you can have a regular toilet in a tiny house. But it usually works on on-grid tiny houses, not off-grid. Because you need to have a sewer where the sewage will pass through. So the answer to this is yes, you can. 

Q7: What size is a normal bathroom in a tiny house? 

A: A normal bathroom in a tiny house usually ranges between 25 square feet to 50 square feet depending on the size of the tiny house. 

Q8: Do tiny houses have kitchens?

A: Yes of course, Tiny homes have kitchens but sometimes the kitchen might not be too big. Some tiny homes can have big appliances and lots of furnishings and there will still be enough space. While some can only have two burner stoves and limited appliances it all depends on the size of the kitchen. 

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Q9: Can you have a dishwasher in a tiny home? 

A: Well this is not really an important item or requirement in a tiny home. But of course you can have a dishwasher in a tiny home. Because you’re living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t have all the comforts of regular home. So if you chose to, you can have a dishwasher in your tiny home. Here’s a post we wrote about Tiny Home dishwashers.

Q10: Can you insure a tiny house? 

A: You won’t be able to cover a tiny home with a normal insurance policy. However, depending on the insurer of the state, you may be able to insure your tiny home because a tiny home is also an investment.  

Q11: Where can I buy a tiny house? 

A: You can buy your tiny house either online or on site. I’ll be giving you 9 options to choose from. If you’re looking to purchase a Tiny Home, look up these companies:

  1. Tumble weed
  2. New frontier
  3. Wheelaus
  4. Tiny cocoons
  5. Mint tiny homes
  6. Escape traveler
  7. Tiny heirloom
  8. Home depot
  9. Tiny house listings

Q12: What are the challenges of living in a tiny house? 

A: Living in a tiny house can be interesting but there are some challenges that also come with it. Here I’ll be listing five challenges of living in a tiny house:

  1. You need a truck to tow a tiny house
  2. Tiny House laws are dynamic i.e. they vary.
  3. The tiny house resale value
  4. Finding a location
  5. Financing

Don’t just focus on the negatives. There are benefits of living in a Tiny Home as well. 

Q13: What kind of toilets do people install in a tiny house?

A: There are two best options for you to use when installing a toilet in a tiny house. After much research, you can either use a regular toilet or a composting toilet. Composting toilets are usually used for off-grid tiny homes and THOW tiny homes.  

Q14: What are the negatives of tiny homes? 

A: There are some negative effects of tiny homes. You have to contend with less living space and less storage space.


I Hope some of these answers have answered your questions. If I didn’t treat a question you may have, kindly drop a comment below with your question. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Social Media.

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