RV Vs Tiny Home: Differences, Similarities & More

It’s RV vs Tiny Home! Let the show down begin! In this post we’ll highlight the similarities and differences between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of you are confused about the difference between a Tiny Home and an RV.

There are a few popular questions that have been posed on Google search and as experts in this industry, we’re going to attempt to answer them:

Is a Tiny Home considered an RV?

Does a Tiny Home count as an RV?

No, a Tiny Home isn’t considered as an RV. The way to know is to first of all understand the definition of an RV.

An RV is short for “Recreational vehicle”. It’s a vehicle that has been custom fitted with living quarters.

There are different classes of RVs namely: the Class A, Class B and Class C. These are further broken down into 5th wheels, Caravans, Campervans, Popup Campers, and Motorhomes.

Yes, it’s easy to confuse an RV with a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels) but that too is different from an RV.

Now that you know this part, the next logical question to ask is:

What is the difference between a Tiny Home and an RV?

#1. Vehicle vs Property:

First most noticeable difference between an RV vs a Tiny Home is that an RV is basically a vehicle with tires, stiring wheel and all of such components synonymous with a vehicle, while a Tiny House is a piece of Real Estate.

#2. Use cases

Another difference between an RV vs a Tiny Home is in terms of now each is used.

Tiny Houses are made for primary, full-scale living as a main house while RVs are made for occasional usage.

#3. Materials used

Because RVs are meant for regular movement, they are made using lighter, more flexible materials like Fiberglass and Vinyl that can absorb shock and flex on impact as is consistent with a mobile, road-bound situation.

Tiny homes on the other hand because they are usually planted to the ground are made with heavier, more durable materials, some of which can even withstand a Hurricane category 5 as in Florida.

What are the similarities between a Tiny Home and an RV?

Probably the only similarity between the two is that they are both alternative Real Estate housing solutions to the rising cost of living in the United States.

RV vs Tiny Home

RV vs Tiny Home

Now that you’re familiar with the differences between a Tiny House and an RV, let’s weight both options to see why a Tiny Home is better and why an RV is better for you:

RV vs Tiny Home: Why an RV is better

#1. Cost

We already established above that Tiny Houses are built with heavier, more durable materials than RVs.

This on its own already means that Tiny Homes will always cost way more than an RV.

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#2. That damn Loft Ladder

Tiny Homes usually find space for the Bedroom by creating a loft area.

While it can seem brilliant a first having an upstairs bedroom, as you get older, the idea of always having to climb down a loft ladder even when you want to use the Toilet can become a burden.

But guess what? RVs don’t have that problem! They all have downstairs bedrooms.

#3. Privacy concerns

Tiny Homes are Architectural wonders to behold.

So therefore, if you live in a Tiny House, be prepared to be approached time and time again to be asked all sort of curious questions by passers by who are fascinated by your House.

If you’re a private person who loves to live under the radar, you’re going to dislike this very much.

RVs however can’t be bothered by this because they can blend in easily being vehicles that they are.

RV vs Tiny Home: Why a Tiny House is better

RV Vs Tiny Home

#1. They look like actual houses…only smaller

For all intents and purposes, though they be small, Tiny Houses are just that – Houses!

For many who wish to live the Tiny Life while downsizing from a normal large house, the idea of an RV doesn’t sit well with them because an RV doesn’t look like a house in the slightest bit.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for some to think of an RV owner as “poor” for moving from a “normal house to living in a Bus”.

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#2. Adequate weatherproofing

Because Tiny Houses are built from ground up and with more durable materials, they have the luxury of being properly weatherproof with all sorts of heat and cold insulation.

And in a cold country like the US, you’d better have your home cold insulated or else.

#3. Flexibility in customization

Unlike RVs that have a finite, predictable look and feel especially from the outside, Tiny Houses have a myriad of customizable options.

They can very well come in all shapes, sizes, builds and aesthetics according to the taste of the owner.

We’ve seen Tiny Houses that are round, square shaped, Triangular shaped and so much more.


Have you lived in an RV? Have you lived in a Tiny House? What are the most notable differences you realised? Which did you think is better than the other?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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