Five Storage Ideas To Maximize Small Spaces

Rent costs in many regions continue to rise as the world’s population expands. Because of this,
countries such as Hong Kong have seen a spike in the construction of compact, more
inexpensive homes and apartments to meet the needs of people.

People are choosing small spaces for various reasons, including environmental and financial
concerns, as well as to acquire the ability to travel more. However, there are other reasons for the small living space. Most young people today have to deal with the roommate situation,
leaving them with limited space.

Living in a small space has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Small spaces will suit you if you want a sustainable and cost-efficient way of living. Conversely, storing belongings can be a big hurdle when dealing with minimum space. To deal with such problems, you can use the following creative storage ideas to utilize your space correctly.

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1. Rent a Self-Storage Unit:

When it comes to small spaces, people usually find it challenging to decide where to hide the
items they don’t want to put on display. Even if you find storage space for some of your
belongings, you will eventually run out of that hideaway space. To tackle this problem, people
opt for renting a storage unit.

Jennings Containers & Storage advices that renting a self-storage unit will assist you in decluttering and maximizing your space. Every city has several self-storage facilities where you can rent a normal or a mini storage unit to fulfill
your storage needs. Always remember to pick the storage unit which is closer to your home so
that you don’t have to drive long distances to add or remove things when needed.

Removing unimportant or unused things like seasonal decorations, extra clothing items, and
stuff from your childhood will free up space in your home for more important stuff, allowing
you to organize your possessions properly.

2. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture:

Multipurpose furniture has become common in homes today since it gives people the flexibility
they need when decorating small spaces. These furniture pieces are designed with a minimalist
mindset that works perfectly for small homes. Multifunctional pieces like a bed that doubles as
storage space will help reduce clutter, save money, and maximize square footage.

You can use your creativity to come up with many similar ideas that will help you use your
space cleverly. For instance, if you don’t have space for an office desk in your apartment, you
can install a foldable wall-mounted desk. Furthermore, you can buy an ottoman with storage space to go with it, which you can also use for your vanity. If you want to take it further, you can insert shelves around your work area to store your work-related papers and books.

3. Make Use of Vertical Spaces:

When dealing with limited space, you should take advantage of every nook and cranny to
ensure proper usage of your footage area. Using vertical spaces like behind-the-door storage is
an excellent solution for tight quarters. There are many things you can use with these small

For example, you can attach a slim behind-the-door storage rack to put small things in it which
would otherwise create clutter. Furthermore, you can use hooks as a quick storage solution for
items like bags, keys, and scarf. Also, consider investing in aesthetically pleasing hooks to place
around the house. In this way, they can double as a décor piece and a storage area.

But the vertical storage doesn’t have to be limited to doors only. Inserting racks and add-ons in your cabinets will help you make the most of those tiny spaces. You can extend this practice by purchasing hooks and slim shelves for your cabinets.

4. Clear Flat Surfaces:

While organizing cabinets and drawers is essential, you must also pay attention to flat surfaces such as counters, tables, and nightstands to fully transform your house. Even the surfaces like bookshelves, television cabinets, and living room table-tops can become a catch-all for junk if you are not careful. And although shelve is a great storage solution, it can feel overwhelming in
compact areas. One way to clear this clutter is by hanging essential items in different places
around the place.

If you are dealing with limited kitchen counter space, you can use different tools to keep that
area cleared for use. We have already discussed hooks, but you can install a peg rail to hang
your kitchen utensils easily. Furthermore, if you have potted plants and are working with a
small space, try mounting them on walls or hanging them from the ceiling with the help of
hooks. In this way, you can keep your apartment fresh without worrying about space.

5. Think Outside The Box:

When creating storage areas in small spaces, you must explore unconventional, innovative
concepts not bound by norms or traditions. For instance, storing jewelry and makeup can be
tricky, even in large spaces. The reason is that these items come in different shapes and sizes,
and an organizer with uniform compartments cannot fit everything in it.

You can purchase peg boards or vertical stands to store jewelry to solve this problem. As for
makeup, you can attach a magnet to the back of your products and then attach them on a
framed magnetic board. Such creative ideas can help you store your cosmetics in more compact
areas. You can also turn your bathroom window into built-in storage to create more space for
your makeup and skincare products.


There is no denying that living in a small space has its challenges, such as the lack of storage
space. But on the other side, a host of benefits come with living in a small area. Not only will
you be spending less on rent and utilities, but you won't have to pay for extra space you don’t use.

When organizing your home, start with thoroughly decluttering to separate all unused items. After removing or storing them away, you can work with a clean slate and carry out the above actions. We hope that by reading this blog and implementing the tips mentioned above, you can organize your small space in your preferred way.

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