Trying to decide between several Tiny House shower ideas for your bathroom? Check out our catalogue below for some inspiration.

The decision about the right shower for your home should depend on your space, design, and the quality of the shower.

Tiny House Shower Layouts

1. The Gooseneck

tiny house shower ideas
The shower in the Gooseneck is as large as the one found in regular homes, unlike most tiny house showers. It has a large bathroom, such that two people can use it at once.

2. The Tinyville

tiny house shower ideas
It has a barely large bathroom than other tiny house bathrooms. It can have a corner tub and shower.

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3. The Craftsman

tiny house shower ideas
This is a walk-in with a fixed glass door that looks visually amazing. It makes it too easy to walk in and out of the shower without having to slide or open doors. Isn’t it so good? Some designs make use of a curtain too.

Tiny House Shower Ideas

#1. Doorless Shower

tiny house shower ideas

This shower has a round window. On the right hand, there is a built-in tub while on the left, near the toilet is the doorless shower. It has a round window.

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#2. Skylights:

This is a great idea for your tiny house. It has glass as its ceiling. So, imagine bathing and being able to look up to the beautiful blue sky, star, or rain falling is a lovely scene. It brings nature to your bathroom, making it brighter with a nice feel. However, if the plumbing were to fail for any reason, you should always have a 24hrs Plumber on standby regardless of the time of the day you need your shower attended to.

#3. Low-Flow Shower Head:

Putting this kind of shower in your tiny house helps to reduce the waste of water. It is a nice decision to have this type if you are living off-grid or you are a traveler.

#4. Outdoor Shower:

You could place your shower out of your house. If you are the kind that likes to spend time outdoors, you would like this kind of shower. With this exterior shower, you will be able to connect with nature more. It is a creative way to fix more than one shower into your tiny home.

#5. Frameless Glass Door:

This is a great shower idea. The door used is made of glass unlike the others with a curtain or something else. It looks so modern and less clustered.

#6. Plant Wall:

In this type, there is a wall of plants in the bathroom. It makes your bathroom look natural and attractive. It also has a positive effect on your mental well-being.

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#7. Stainless Steel Shower Walls:

This kind has a stainless steel wall instead of the popularly used tiles. It is cost-effective and has a lighter weight, which is essential for houses on wheels that could be moved from one place to the other.

#8. Wooden Shower or Tub:

This is a nice shower idea. It is made up of woods that are water-resistant like cedar. An amazing tiny house shower alternative is the use of a wine barrel for a small tub.

The wood used will need maintenance for it to last. The beauty it brings is worth the try, isn’t it?

#9. Minimalist Design:

tiny house shower ideas
It helps to maximize space. One prominent minimalist design style is to stick to a single color scheme that has different shades of the same color.

#10. Corner Shower:

tiny house shower ideas
This type of shower is found in standard and tiny homes. You can make it very small and maximize space. It makes use of a glass door that is not transparent. Though it uses less space, the place doesn’t look clustered.

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#11. Wetroom:

tiny house shower ideas
This is one of the best tiny house shower ideas. It is a doorless shower designed for small bathrooms. It makes use of less space and the bathroom is waterproofed. It comes in different models and colors

Tiny House Bathtub Shower Combo

1. The Modern Bohemian tiny house shower tub combo

This shower combo was designed by Hanczar studio. It has a shower and toilet combined in a small bathroom.

Most tiny homes have larger bathrooms than this. But here, there is a shower stall that houses a small toilet, sink, shelf, and vanity.

2. The Sakura

This is a bathtub shower combo. There is a lot of space, so you don’t feel cluttered or cramped, rather it makes you feel royal.

3. The Modern Bohemian

This tiny house bathtub shower combo is by Summit Tiny Homes. It is portable and offers the same benefits as the first two above

4. The Loft

This is another bathtub shower combo, thanks to the Loft tiny house bathroom. It comes in different models and has an amazing bathtub. The shower element is a bit higher and above the bathtub and it is vertically positioned.

It uses a curtain and the curtain rail is attached to the ceiling and can cover the bathroom fully.


I hope this article can help you choose the right shower for your tiny house bathroom.

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