Brainstorming ideas for your Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet? Are you planning to live in a Tiny Home and you need ideas on the right kitchen cabinet to go for that will save space? You are at the right place!

According to BK Ciandre, Cabinets are a basic requirement in any kitchen. It acts as a storage medium. You need it in your tiny house kitchen but you have to choose the one that will not only save space but add beauty to your kitchen.

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets

They are available in various colors, designs, and sizes. They store your kitchen utensils, ingredients, cutleries, etc. This is a necessity in the kitchen. Most cabinets have their backside attached to the wall and the bottom is attached to the floor.

You can also go for the built-in kitchen cabinet, it will go a long way in saving space. If you want something different and creative you can get a custom-made tiny house kitchen cabinet.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

When you want to choose kitchen cabinets, you have to take note of the space available the height and width of the cabinet. Do you want separated cabinets or the joint ones and do you prefer the free-standing cabinets to the built-in cabinet?

All these must be taken into consideration, so you won’t go for one that you would end up not liking:

1. The space available

The first thing you should consider is the space available in your kitchen. This would determine the size and type of cabinet to go for. You can measure the available space. Note that you should not make your kitchen too tight. Buy specific cabinets and drawers that can hold appliances, and utensils and act as storage; like a spice drawer, a microwave drawer, etc.

2. The Height of the Cabinet

How high, do you want your cabinets to be? It depends on your choice. A standard cabinet has a height of 80cm. You may decide to go with this or another size. Tiny house cabinets have different sizes, so pick the one that suits you.

3. Material

Some cabinets are made of wood, metal, and glass. Select the one that is easy to maintain, long-lasting and strong.

4. Style

Cabinets come in several styles and designs. There are modern, traditional, contemporary, and minimalist. You can combine as many styles as you want, in as much as your house gets to have a beautiful look.

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Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

#1. Glass Tiny Cabinets

This type of cabinet is transparent and beautiful. It gives a lot of storage space in the kitchen. You can keep cups, plates, cereals, etc. One thing I love about it is that it is easy to use and maintain. I can easily see what I am looking for. Let me not forget to add that it’s durable.

#2. Metal Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet ideas

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet

These metal tiny cabinets are also durable and stylish. It makes your kitchen look different. They come in several colors and styles. It all depends on your choice.

#3. Tall Tiny Cabinets

They come in numerous colors and styles. They are tall and most times built-in. They are also long-lasting and strong.

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#4. Traditional Tiny Cabinets

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet

You can also make use of the traditional tiny cabinet. I know you are already thinking it won’t look good or it’s an old-style, but the reverse is the case. They are made of wood but come in different colors. They are durable and give your kitchen a classic look.

#5. Corner Tiny Cabinets

This type saves space In the kitchen. With its size, you can have more than one cabinet in the kitchen.

#6. Stackable Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet ideas

This type also helps to save space in your tiny kitchen. You can one on top of the other. While they save space, they also increase the pace of storage. It gives your kitchen a unique look. They come in different colors and sizes.

#7. Modern Tiny Cabinets

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet

They are perfect for your kitchen. They are available n different sizes and colors. You can easily maintain them and they are durable. They have different types too, so you can use more than one to give your kitchen a unique look.

#8. L-Shaped cabinets

L-shaped cabinets can fit small spaces. It divides the kitchen space into two, leaving one side free and spacious, while the other side is the kitchen storage space. You can easily have access to what you want. This type helps to also separate the living room from the kitchen

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#9. U-Shaped Tiny Home Kitchen cabinet

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinet
This type gives you enclosed kitchen space. There is free space to do what you want and also increased storage space. This cabinet has enough space for our cooker, sink, fridge, and other appliances,e,s and they are placed within your reach.

#10. Tiny Home Wall Cabinets

These cabinets are installed on the wall. They give you maximum storage space for your kitchen appliances. They’re easy to install and don’t take up much space. They’re also strong and will last a long.


I hope this article was useful, and you have gotten ideas on which kitchen cabinet you would go for.

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