Tiny House Door Ideas: Spectacular Designs You Can Copy

Building your Tiny house already and looking for Tiny House door ideas? Ride along; this article is for you. In this post, we will give you more insight on the right kind of doors to go for that will turn heads in the direction of your new Tiny Home.

Locksmith Expert, Fabbro Roma advices that Tiny house doors must be strong, secure, and durable. You must consider a door, that when installed, would allow the passage of large furniture like mattress, bathtub, sofa, table, etc.

Guidelines for Tiny House door size

Picking out a door for this particular type of Real Estate isn’t a cakewalk, and neither is it as straightforward as going door shopping for a regular house. There are some guidelines one needs to follow to avoid embarking on a trip to the manufacturers twice:

Tiny House Door Height

When selecting from a range of Tiny House door ideas, it’s important to keep in mind that the standard door height is 80 inches. You can decide to reduce this size depending on your tiny house size and design. The 80 inches size is mostly used and fits most tiny houses but you should not go for that size because it is mostly used, rather go for the one that suits and looks great on your tiny house.

Tiny House Door Width

The Tiny house’s standard door width is 36 inches. This is a building code. It makes the entrance spacious. When your door entryway is spacious, it is easy for you to bring in big items like sofa, appliances, mattresses, etc after the building has been completed.

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Tiny House Door Thickness

The tiny house’s standard door thickness is about 2 inches. This thickness is not about a required code but standard door casing and your security. If your security is your priority, then you should go with this thickness or more.

Tiny House Door Rough Opening Width

The standard tiny house rough opening is about 38 inches wide. The rough opening is sized for the door frame, not the door. It’s the door frame that holds the door. The rough opening is an opening left in the wall frame, where your door frame will be installed, which will in turn hold your door.

When checking a catalog of Tiny House door ideas to buy, this ranks as one of the more overlooked aspects.

Tiny House Door Rough Opening Height

The common height for a rough opening of a tiny house door is 82.5 inches. It houses the door frame.

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Tips to Choose Tiny House doors

When choosing doors for your Tiny Home, here are a few things to take note of:

  • Choose a door that fits your tiny house door frame. Don’t go for one that is bigger than your door frame.
  • Go for RV doors. Recreational Vehicle doors come in smaller sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your house.
  • Choose nice designs for your door. This could be in terms of color or style. Like a door with a window that swings in and out or one with a doorbell. Just be creative about your designs.

Tiny House Door Ideas

#1. Tiny House Barn Doors

This is one great door idea. It’s like a combination of a modern look and rural door type, looks great right? It can be installed and used where a swinging door cannot be used. It hangs on rollers and slides which helps to maximize a small space. The door’s rails and roller are a bit affordable now and there are DIY options.

#2. Tiny House Glass Garage Door

These days, this door is very common. It slides up and down inside the house. Though it takes a bit of space but not so much. It has an air seal issue, although most brands try to seal theirs with flaps, and rubber strips, they are still not very airtight. So, it’s hard to heat and cool tour tiny house.

#3. Legacy Series Pet Door

This door adds beauty to your tiny house and it requires less maintenance. It is effective in any climate condition whether cold or hot. It has an insulated double pane and a Low-E glass for energy efficiency.

#4. Tiny House French Doors – Double Doors

Tiny House Door Ideas
This door idea is a wonderful way to let daylight into your tiny home. It also maximizes the space more.

#5. Sliding pocket doors

Tiny House Door Ideas
Sliding pocket doors require less space, the door slides into the wall. It requires planning, so it would not be placed wrongly. These pocket doors can’t be put in walls where plumbing or electrical connections are needed.

#6. Legacy Collection Customizable Fiberglass Door

Tiny House Door Ideas

The Ball-bearing hinges make for the smooth operation of this door. It also prevents it from sagging over time and has an insulated double pane Low-E glass for energy efficiency. It adds beauty to your tiny house.

Do you also know, that it is adjustable? It has an adjustable sill that allows for installation adjustments to guarantee a perfect fit.

#7. Sliding glass door for elegance

This glass door looks so elegant in a tiny house. You can decide to make the walls out of glass too. I will not forget to mention that it saves space.

#8. Dual fold doors in glass

These are glass doors that fold from both sides. They come in different colors and styles to give your tiny house an amazing look.

#9. Classic Japanese sliding doors

I’m sure you have seen this in Japanese movies. The so-called shoji doors slide along the wall. Its windows are made from paper, not glass. It helps to save space too.


Hope you have been able to find a door that will be suitable for your Tiny Home. Depending on the size and shape of your home, some of these doors may or may not fit into your doorframe. You’re in the best position to know what will stick as the house progresses.

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