6 Amazing Ideas Of Tiny House Countertops

Countertops are important to any tiny house kitchen. They add beauty to your kitchen and space for food preparation. They also determine the amount of storage your tiny house kitchen can carry. Find out more here about tiny house countertops.

This post will give you more knowledge about typical tiny house countertops’ dimensions and depths, factors to consider when you want to get your countertops, how to maximize space, and different materials that countertops come in.

Just as the name “Tiny house” implies, the space here is tiny, you have to try to maximize space. You have to go for countertops that will fit the design of your kitchen not bigger than what is required. Each countertop has its unique characteristics and comes with both advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to choose one that will serve its purpose well in your tiny home.

In the case of no dining section, countertops allow you to have a beautiful breakfast bar in your tiny home. And you can also fix countertops outside your tiny home in an outdoor kitchen setting.

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Tiny House Countertops: What Amount Of Space Do I Need For Kitchen Counters?

You have to check normal tiny house countertops dimensions.

For depths, Kitchen Design Center recommends that tiny house kitchen counters typically have depths of about 24″ and 25″ but if you want a smaller countertop space, you can reduce it to about 18″. In case you want less or more overhang from your tiny house counter, then adjust the depth to 1″.

Then, if you use the top of cabinets to get counter space, the usual height of it to be used is 36″, which includes countertops that are between 1″ and 2″ thick. This way, there is enough space for appliances like a refrigerator to fit underneath the counter.

Tiny House Countertops: Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Counter Dimensions

There are many factors to consider in deciding the dimensions of your tiny house countertops.

1. Countertop Shape and Design

You have to know the dimensions of your kitchen first before thinking about the type of counter space you want. Then, you can think about what type of countertops you want in your tiny home.

Check if you want an L-shaped or folding countertop, two separate countertops, or just one or if you want a counter space on only one side of your kitchen. Making these decisions will enable you have a lovely countertop design.

You are the one to decide if you want to have breakfast bars in your tiny house even while trying to maximize space. Breakfast bars are popular in modern tiny houses. You can choose to dine in your kitchen and create space for seating around.

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2. Storage

The amount of storage space you need in your tiny house kitchen determined the amount of counter space that will be required. Storage space could come from cabinets under surfaces, so the more countertop space you have, the more cabinet space you get as well. Consider the storage space, so you can arrange some appliances like refrigerators, ovens, etc properly.

3. Kitchen Appliances

Here, I’d recommend that you make a list of all appliances you need that will either be part of the countertop or will need a space on it. Some of the appliances you may likely want to consider are a blender, kettle, dish rack, knife rack, mixer, crockpot, cutting board, microwave oven, toaster, etc.

To know which appliances on the countertop you will need or are going to be very important, start by asking yourself questions:

  • Will the appliance be kept permanently on my kitchen countertops?
  • Can the appliance be built into the counters or on another part of my tiny house kitchen?
  • How many times per month do I make use of or cook with this appliance?

4. Sinks

This is very essential in every tiny house kitchen. However, you need to be sure about the style, size, and if you want a single or double sink in your tiny house kitchen. And also consider what you need the sink for, if you don’t plan to wash dishes in it, they you don’t need to opt for a deep or large sink.

5. Food Preparation

Now, this is another consideration you need to look into when choosing the right kind of tiny house countertop. First, you have to check the amount of space you need for certain appliances, storage, and sinks, then you need to add extra space for food preparation.

All these will help you know the counter space you need. Note that you have to give yourself the right amount of space for food preparation, you don’t want to struggle to prepare food in a cramped space.

Materials That Are Used For Tiny House Countertops

#1. Stainless Steel Tiny House Countertops

Tiny House Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are stain resistant, easy to clean, and heat-resistant. They reflect light and bring a sense of openness to your kitchen space. Since it’s stainless, it shows fingerprints and can be easily dented.

#2. Wooden Tiny House Countertops

This type of countertop is a very popular choice in tiny kitchens. There are different varieties to choose from. We have solid wood and a butcher block. The butcher block is not as durable as the solid wood and it must be sealed regularly to prevent water damage while the solid wood, though not very heat resistant, is stain resistant and scratches can be sanded out.

#3. Terrazzo Tiny House Countertops

Tiny House Countertops

This is a combination of concrete and pieces of broken ceramics, glass, or marble to create a very unique material. It is not only used for countertops, it can also be used for walls, flooring, etc.

#4. Laminate

Tiny House Countertops

This is the most affordable option. It comes in different patterns. It is very easy to clean and maintain but it is not heat or scratch resistant. And it is not durable.

#5. Concrete

Tiny House Countertops

This countertop beautified your tiny house kitchen, making it look unique and modern. It comes in different styles, colors, and dimensions, so you can get the one to suit your style and tiny house kitchen. It is very durable and heat and scratch resistant.

However, if you don’t maintain it well, it may crack. To lay this countertop, you will need a professional to do it, as it may be difficult for an average DIYer to do it.

#6. Stones

This is another stylish material for countertops. One good thing about this, is that they are heat resistant and have a lot of varieties to choose from. They are also very durable and add a great feel and aesthetics to your home. The main issue most people have with it is its weight, they will add weight to your tiny home. Some of the stones include marble, soapstone, granite, quartzite.

Tiny House Countertops: Conclusion

In summary, tiny house countertops add beauty to your tiny home and are also useful for storage and food preparation. Various materials are used for countertops like stones, concrete, wood, and more listed above.

I would love to hear about the countertop in your tiny house or the one you prefer to have. Please leave your comment about it below.

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