Tiny Houses For Sale In Virginia At Giveaway Prices

Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia at rock bottom, giveaway prices are hard to find. Fear not, our Tiny Home listings got excited what you need!

About living in Virginia

The State of Virginia is a southeastern US State which has a landmass that stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the well renowned Appalachian Mountains.

With its long Atlantic Coastline, it’s known as one of the first original Colonies in the United States.

Why you should live in Virginia

The State is well known for its Appalachian Trail, Beaches, Resorts as well as being the Mother of a host of American Presidents.

Oh yes. As a matter of fact, 8 US Presidents have emerged from this State alone, including some of the most popular like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

With Beaches like Virginia Beach to the east and Mountains like the Appalachian Mountains to the West, choosing to find Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia could very well be worth the find.

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Did I mention that it’s one of the safest parts of America to live because of the presence of more than 20 different US Military groups?

In fact, The Pentagon is situated in Virginia. That’s how safe you should feel living here.

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Why you probably shouldn’t live in Virginia

For one, there’s the high cost of living. Taxes are a pain there. You made to pay income tax, sales tax and property taxes.

There’s also the problem of too many Tourists causing traffic congestions and the constant noise pollution from Military Jets flying overhead.

If these few points of mine aren’t enough to deter you from buying Tiny Homes for sale in Virginia, then by all means, read on.

Best places to find Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia

According to Virginia Tiny House laws, Tiny Homes can be built in ‘any district that has been zoned for single-family residences’.

Some areas in Virginia Beach are perfect examples of such districts that are Tiny House friendly.

Staunton County supports Tiny living spaces but they must be a minimum of 200 square feet.

For Augusta county, the situation is a bit precarious. They only allow residential homes that are a minimum of 900 square feet. We all know Tiny Houses are typically way smaller than this by design so this poses a problem. 

Nevertheless, the way to build a smaller house and go around this law is to build on a land that has been zoned for Agriculture.

How much do Tiny Homes cost in Virginia?

So how much, I’m sure you’ve been wondering, do Tiny Houses even cost in the State of Virginia?

There are typically two pricing models that exist. The Real Estate development company in charge of your project can give you a cost based on either a price per square foot, or a price for the entire structure.

If you go with option one, Tiny Home costs in square foot can range anywhere between $300 to $400.

On the other hand, supposing you find a builder that sells already completed Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia, then you could pay between $40,000 to $90,000 on average for the whole property.

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Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia

Take a look at our listings of Airbnb and prefab Tiny Homes for sale in Chesterfield, Bedford and other areas of Virginia:

#1. Off-grid modern Skoolie

Tiny Houses For Sale In Virginia


  • Type: Converted Bus
  • Size: 200sq ft, 31ft long, 8ft wide
  • Living area: 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom
  • Amenities: 2 roof mounted 100 watt solar panels, Inverter 3000 watts, 55 gallon fresh water tank mounted under the bus, Brand new sink/shower, Ceramic Kitchen Sink, 3 burner stove, 4.4ft Fridge, Bed platform that can fit a Queen sized bed, Batteries and inverter kept below bed for added warmth, RV is insured and much more.
  • Property Financing: Yes
  • Property manager: Elizabeth
  • Property manager numberContact us
  • PriceContact us

#2. Tiny Home Studio

Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia

Great for a backyard home office. It’s large double doors allow for adequate natural Sunlight to enter the building.


  • Type: Studio
  • Size: 55sq ft, 8ft long, 8ft wide
  • Living area: 1 central space
  • Amenities: Laminate floors, shiplap walls, 100 amp electrical panel, 4 led lights inside and two outside and much more.
  • Property Financing: Yes
  • Property manager: Isaac
  • Property manager numberContact us
  • PriceContact us

#3. More Tiny houses for sale in Virginia

To see more listings of Tiny Houses for sale in Virginia, contact us and we’ll hook you up!

Tiny houses for sale in Virginia: Conclusions

I hope you were able to find a worthwhile Tiny To buy in Virginia from our listings. Be sure to reach out to us to get more information about these listings.

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Additionally, if you have any questions or didn’t fully understand some tips in this guide, drop a comment below and allow our growing community of Tiny House enthusiasts to help you.

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