Looking to buy Tiny Houses for sale in Texas? Texas is easily one of the most tiny house friendly states in the United States. You will definitely enjoy residing here. However, if you are having doubts about where to buy a tiny home in Texas, below is a list of available tiny houses for sale in Texas.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas: About Texas

Texas is a state located in the South Central region of the United States. It’s ranked as the second-largest U.S. state by both population and area. It is nicknamed the Lone Star State because of its former status as an independent republic and as a reminder of the struggle of the state for independence from Mexico. The Lone Star can be seen on the flag of Texas state and also on the Texas state seal.

The state is also an industrious one. It leads in many industries like agriculture, energy, aerospace, computers and electronics, petrochemicals, tourism, etc. Austin, its capital, is the second most populous state capital in the U.S.

The origin of the name “Texas” is from the Caddo word “táysha” meaning “friends”.And the motto of the state is Friendship. So, you see Texas being a tiny house friendly state is indeed true, as the state promotes friendships.
However, you should note that the fact that the state is friendly, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have rules guiding the building and location of tiny houses.

In many counties, there is no zoning authority to fully prevent the construction of tiny houses but they ensure that the building and zoning codes are obeyed.

The building and zoning codes depend on the city or county you want to reside in. So, we recommend that you check with the zoning authority or local permit before you start constructing your tiny house.

Tiny houses on permanent foundations are more easily approved than Tiny houses on wheels. This is because these tiny houses on wheels are not considered permanent residences, as occupants are likely to move at any time. Lake Dallas is the home to tiny houses on wheels.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Texas

#1. Container Home

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas

This tiny house is located in Canyon, Texas and it costs $73,000. It is a 40’ High cube container with a dimension of 320 sq ft that is completed and furnished. The construction of this tiny home was completed in May 2022. The tiny house has only been used lightly since it was bought.

This tiny home comes with a full kitchen with sufficient natural light and lots of storage space. It also comes with a glass printer, IKEA push-to-open cabinets, MRCOOL 12k BTU 22 Minisplit for heating and A/C, Rheem 13kW 2.54 GPM Tankless Electric Water Heater, etc. Other rooms are also equipped with the required things and these are included in the price. This tiny house is perfect for couples and can also be used as a guesthouse.

However, the skirting panels and porch materials like metal sheets, brackets, and beams are available but will be sent separately. Note that the transportation cost is not included in the price, so there will be transportation negotiations upon sale.

#2. Texas Tiny House

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas

This is another tiny house on sale in Texas. It is located in Porter, Texas. It costs $55,000 with dimensions of 350 sq. ft.

This tiny house comes with custom cabinets, a washer/dryer, hookup, deluxe shower heads, vinyl flooring, compost/regular toilets, a live edge desk, 2 chairs, a live edge table, quartzite countertop, 2 TVs, mini split ac/ heating, under storage space, live edge Bookcase, Queen size bed, King size loft, recycled denim insulation, etc. This house comes with almost everything you need.

#3. Tiny Home with Washer Dryer Combo

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas

The tiny home with a washer and dryer combo is located in Talpa, Texas. It costs $60,000 with dimensions of 200 sq. ft. And it is a 24’ RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) certified tiny home with a washer and dryer combo.

This home comes with a farm sink, 2 wall-mounted electric heaters, tankless gas water heater, 4`porch duel extended lofts, California closet in the main loft, 2 AC units, composting toilet, retro fridge, 30-gallon water tank, induction stove, etc.

#4. New 3-Year-Old 8X16 Tiny Home

This tiny house for sale is located in Blanco, Texas. It has dimensions of 128 sq ft. It doesn’t come with its land. This elegantly styled tiny house costs $13,700 and a bill of sale will be issued at the time of making the purchase. The price is negotiable to help with relocation. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. In the bedroom, there is a queen-size loft and a full-size shower and commode in the bathroom.

This is an 8X16 tiny house sitting on a dual-axle trailer. It was initially built by a professional homebuilder from San Antonio, Texas. The kitchen doesn’t have appliances but there is a 7.8 cubic foot fridge while the living room has a folding couch. This tiny house comes with plenty of storage. The tires of this trailer are one year old. And this house can be pulled by a 3/4 ton truck.

#5. Tiny House on a Trailer

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas

This tiny house on wheels is located at Liberty Hill, Texas. It costs $70,000 with dimensions of 400 sq ft. plus a porch of 10ft. It comes with no land. Land is included in the sale but can give rental lot 100×100 in Liberty Hill, Texas, or send it to another land or park. This tiny house is built by Tiny home Austin. The tiny home has one bedroom and a bathroom.

The bedroom is spacious enough to contain a king-size bed. It has the largest bathroom in the park model with a shower with a rainforest shower head and a walk-in tiled shower. The kitchen comes with an electric stove, stainless step refrigerator, stackable washer and dryer, and 2 head mini split with AC and heat. This tiny home is built with certified quality materials.

Get in contact with the Landlord/Tiny House builder

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas: Conclusion

In summary, Texas is one of the tiny home friendly states that accommodate the different types of tiny houses. Though, there are set zoning and building codes that have to be obeyed. So we recommend that you inquire before buying your tiny house. From the list of available tiny houses for sale above, there are tiny homes available for you to buy in Texas, just pick the one that suits you and move it to the location of your choice.