Have you been thinking of the best propane heaters to use in your Tiny House? Propane heaters are a cheap and effective option to heat up your tiny house well. It helps to make your home comfortable and warm during the winter seasons. Keep reading to know more.

Note that propane can be a harmful fuel source if not managed appropriately. However, if you run into issues while using your heater, you can always visit a heater repair shop like Reparação de Esquentadores Amadora or any one near your location. There are several propane heaters on the market, pick propane heaters that come with built-in ventilation systems.

Types of Propane Heaters for your Tiny House

Propane heaters can be used in a Tiny House on a foundation and Tiny Houses on wheels. These heaters come in different forms. So, you will certainly find one that suits your home.

#1. Vented And Unvented Propane Heaters For Tiny Homes

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Tiny house propane heaters can be vented or unvented. Vented propane heaters are not portable, rather they are wall-mounted. It requires no or very little electricity. An indoor propane heater uses oxygen in the house for combustion. So it draws the fresh air and gives out combustion gases. Hence, heating up your home.

However, unvented propane heaters can be freestanding or fixed to the wall. They do not really need electricity. If you have an unvented propane heater, it will use up all the oxygen in the room resulting in a safety hazard.

Now, several unvented propane heaters have a built-in oxygen depletion sensing monitor, this will help to shut the heater if the oxygen in the room is low. We will suggest you go for a vented propane heater to avoid the risk.

#2. Forced Air Propane Heaters

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We also have forced air Propane Heaters. These heaters provide thermostatically controlled, constant, and even heating. It makes use of less power compared to electric heaters.

#3. Ducted And Non-Ducted Heaters

Tiny House Propane Heaters

Ducted furnaces are kept inside a cabinet, while the non-ducted are mounted into the wall. This kind of propane heater will suit bigger tiny homes. For tiny houses, furnaces having 120 volt AC power are suitable. Thus, you will have to run the inverter 24 x 7 to give power to the fan.

In ducted heaters, the air is transmitted through a vent and return device. They provide even heating in the house. Though the unit is loud, it is better to place it far from the living room.

#4. Catalytic Heaters

Tiny House Propane Heaters

This kind of heater is a good choice for off-grid tiny houses. They provide heat like radiant heat or electric infrared heaters. They come with a special surface, this surface helps to decompose propane into heat, carbon dioxide, and water vapor not needing any flame.

These heaters if not used properly can result in serious safety risks. They can consume all the oxygen in the room resulting in a low amount of oxygen in the house, which is unsafe for living.

So, if you want to use a catalytic heater, use a vented unit to avoid having oxygen or moisture issues. The vented unit uses a fan to vent combustion gases out. Water vapors are reduced and oxygen is restored.

#5. RV Furnaces

7 Different Types of RV Furnaces - RVJunket

The RV furnaces come in both ducted and non-ducted models. The ducted models can be hidden in a cabinet but will still spread air throughout the house while the none ducted models transmit air from a frame mounted on the furnace.

These units are good for tiny homes. They require 13-volt power but if you don’t have up to a 12-volt power supply, you can make use of a transformer to power it.

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The Pros And Cons Of Tiny House Propane Heaters

Yes, these little bad boys may be awesome so you don’t freeze to death during Winter, but like two sides of a coin, there are pros and cons to everything in life.

Pros of using Propane Heaters

1. Clean waste

Yes, Propane heaters use propane, and propane cleanly burns than other fuel sources. Using natural gas could end up releasing greenhouse gases into the environment, unlike propane heaters that produce less.

2. Portability

Unvented propane heaters are a great choice when it comes to their size and portability. So, you can place them anywhere in your tiny home. You can easily keep them away when you are not using them.

3. Thermostat control

Tiny house propane heaters also have a thermostat control. Now, you can have the utmost control of what temperature you want to heat your tiny house. It is not like a tiny house wood stove, where you have to keep adjusting or adding fuel. It is easier and doesn’t need much maintenance. Several vented propane heaters have an in-built thermostat.

Cons Of Using Propane Heaters

1. Moisture

Moisture in the air is one problem with unvented tiny house propane heaters. If there is no vent and it performs the combustion process, moisture will be added to the air, thereby making the place, unhealthy for living. It is very dangerous when your tiny home lacks oxygen because of this process.

2. Maintenance

Every device or machine requires maintenance and the tiny home propane heater is not left out. Maintaining your tiny home propane heater will help it to continue working efficiently and safely.
It doesn’t require lots of maintenance like the tiny house wood stove.

You just have to maintain the cylinders and propane lines. And refill your propane cylinders when it is due.

3. Potential cost

Some tiny house propane heaters are expensive. This is due to the initial set-up cost when you go for an in-built, vented heater. There are also cheaper and portable options like unvented heaters, they cost less.

Heaters like the Newport fireplace from Dickinson Marine cost about $1,500 and will need installation. Refilling your propane cylinder is affordable.

Tips To Pick The Best Tiny House Propane Heaters

There are various things you need to consider before picking the best propane heaters for your Tiny House:

1. Read The Manual

Go through the manual, it shows you how to check the kind of venting requirements for the propane heater. It gives you more information on how the heater should be used and if they are to be mounted on walls or on the floors.

2. Check For Installation And Ventilation

It is a good choice to use vented propane heaters in your tiny home. Check how to install the heater of your choice in your home. If you are going for the unvented heater, ensure you have a good ventilation mechanism because, without it, you will have a low amount of oxygen in your home. And it can cause a serious hazard.

3. Check For Built-In Thermostat

When your heater has a built-in thermostat, you will be able to have control over the temperature in your tiny house. You can regulate the temperature anyhow you want it.

4. Check The BTU Rating Required By Your House

The BTU rating means British Thermal Time. It helps you to know how powerful a heater is. You should consider this. You have to calculate the BTU rating required for your house.


I hope this post was helpful and you have been able to learn more about tiny house propane heaters. We would advise that before using any propane heater, find out more from a qualified professional.

What Propane Heater do you currently use for your Tiny Home? Comment below.