A Tiny House Dishwasher is a must-have because let’s face it – not many regular household equipment can fit into a Tiny Apartment. There are small versions of dishwashers that don’t take up so much space and these are the ones to look for.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Tiny House Dishwasher

Tiny House Dishwasher

Here, we will look at four things you need to consider when choosing a tiny house dishwasher.

1. Tiny House Dishwasher Size

Dishwashers come in different sizes and dimensions. Choosing one depends on the free cabinet space you have. If you don’t have space for a full-size dishwasher, you can go for either the slim, compact, or portable dishwashers that can fit underneath countertops and in cupboards.

A regular full-size dishwashers measure approximately 24″ wide and 34″ tall. While slim dishwashers are typically 18″ in width or less. Slim dishwashers fit into tiny kitchens where the space underneath the countertop is small. They are less cost-effective and make use of more water to wash items.

A compact dishwasher can either be in-built or portable. Just like the compact dishwasher in the Green Hill Farmhouse by Build Tiny. They are the smallest dishwasher that can be used in a tiny house. They have a similar width to a slim dishwasher but they are not that tall.

They can fit well into a tiny house kitchen. They can be fixed below the countertop, on top of the counters, in-built, or hybrid set-up. A faucet can be connected to your kitchen for its water supply.

When we say small dishwashers, we mean that they are portable and can fit into many storage spaces when not in use. They can also offer other features like a steam option, a cutlery rack, and different washing settings.

We have the HIS SUN countertop dishwasher that measures just 17.32″ long by 16.25″ wide by 16.69″ tall. Check the current price here.

Another one is Faberware and its size is 17.3″ long by 16.5″ wide by 17.3″ tall. Faberware gives you the choice to fill the built-in tank so no is no need for hookup.

2. In-built vs free-standing vs hybrid Tiny House Dishwashers

Another thing to consider when choosing a dishwasher is whether you want it to be free-standing, in-built, or a mixture of both.

In-built dishwashers

Here, the dishwasher is incorporated into the kitchen design. It makes your tiny house kitchen look good. But you have to choose a dishwasher with the right size or dimensions that will fit the space available.

A disadvantage of this type is that it may be hard to know whether the dishwasher has finished its cycle. Sometimes, you have to open the cabinet door to find out. While some make noise or shine red dots to signify that it has finished.

Free-standing dishwashers

These are easy to move, maintain or install. They are cheaper, available, and more used. They can fit into cabinets, making them easy to access, clean, and maintain. You can also place them in a cabinet with a door, having the same effect as in-built dishwashers, so they won’t be visible unless the door is open.

Hybrid dishwashers

Hybrid dishwashers are not fully integrated or free-standing. They are similar to in-built dishwashers, as they blend into fixtures and give your tiny house kitchen a simple look. One difference is the visibility of the top of the dishwasher which has the control panel.

3. Tiny House Dishwasher Features

Dishwashers differ based on the features they come with. So you might like to look out for this before getting a dishwasher.

Smart features

Some dishwashers come with several add-ons like adjustable settings according to how dirty your dishes are and wifi. This makes it easier to wash dishes. You can connect your dishwasher to your smartphone and be able to start and stop your dishwasher while doing other things. Isn’t it amazing?

Cutlery rack or basket

Also, some dishwashers come with space for a cutlery rack but the smallest portable dishwashers may not come with this. The space offered for a cutlery rack or basket differs per dishwasher. Some have more space than others.


Your dishwasher should add beauty to your kitchen. Though most dishwashers are stainless steel or black colors, you can try to look for any other color like blue, pink, brown, or any other color available that you like.

4. Cost to purchase and run a Tiny House Dishwasher

Just like dishwashers come in various sizes, features, and designs, they also have different prices.

Regular dishwashers can cost from about $300 to $2,000, based on which smart features are included.

Slim high-quality dishwashers are affordable compared to full-size models. They can cost from about $250 to $1,000. Compact dishwashers are more affordable than even slim dishwashers. Their prices range from about $200 to $500. Though portable, they have less space inside and are less water-efficient compared to slim and full-size dishwashers.

Frequently asked questions about Tiny House Dishwasher

Is A Dishwasher Worth It For A Tiny Kitchen?

We believe it is a good investment for any kitchen, though it may or may not be on your list. It just helps to make your kitchen work easier. You can also decide to have an automated dishwasher, this will be of great help to bigger households. I know you might be complaining about the price but the goal is to live smartly and comfortably, so having this will help you achieve that.

If You Live Off-grid, Can You Have A Dishwasher?

Yes! you can have a dishwasher when you live off-grid. First, you have to consider the amount of water available and how much washing you will do in your tiny house kitchen. When living off-grid, you have to look into your water supply and know how much water you may likely make use of.

Larger dishwaters are said to be more efficient than smaller, compact dishwashers. The compact dishwasher may use more water than the larger one but it all depends on the number of items you wash daily. If it is small, then the compact dishwasher will be better.

Automated dishwashers are more water-efficient than washing dishes by hand. Your automated dishwasher may use like 4 gallons of water or cycle but washing dishes by hand may use more than that.

Where Can You Put A Dishwasher In A Small Kitchen?

If you are going for a portable tiny dishwasher, you can decide to fix it permanently on a countertop, or after using it, you clean it up and put it away in a storage space or cabinet. For larger dishwashers in tiny houses, they will fit under your countertop, in the place of cabinets.

Can you place a Tiny House Dishwasher in a Cupboard?

Yes, you can put a dishwasher in a cupboard.

Dishwashers can be fixed under your countertop, as long as it is deep enough. You can your dishwasher in a cupboard that can open and close. Such that when you want to use it, you will open it, and after, you close it.

You can decide to make use of a portable, countertop dishwasher that can be stored in a cupboard. You may just keep it in a cupboard when you are not using it or permanently fix it in a cupboard and use it as long as it does not need a water hookup to run.

Also, if you want to place your dishwasher in a high cupboard, you will need to make use of a compact dishwasher. They are less than 18″ in width and length, so they can fit in cupboards that are higher from the ground.


I hope this post was helpful in your quest to search for what Dishwasher would be ideal for your Tiny Home. This is a developing story so expect some more updates (like where to buy) soon.