Looking to buy ‌Tiny Homes for sale under $10k? Look no further! Get the best deals for Tiny Homes here. Keep reading to see all available properties.

Purchases of Tiny Houses are skyrocketing!

iPropertyManagement said and I quote:

The tiny house market is increasing at a rapid pace, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

With growing concerns around access to affordable housing in the US, it seems like Americans have realised that Tiny Houses provide a way out.

To put this in better perspective for you, reason that a Tiny House costs one fifth of the price of a traditional house. No wonder everyone wants a piece of this delicious pie.

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However, if you don’t live around or plan on moving to Florida or Virginia, then keep on reading below.

Tiny Homes for sale under $10k

‌Tiny Homes for sale under $10k typically are available in two options: Either you’re looking for a used Tiny House under $10,000 or a Tiny House on wheels for under $10,000.

Fact remains, the majority of such properties will typically range from Gazebos to Garages, Sheds, Studios, Pool Cabanas, Workshops etc. These type of buildings are those that would naturally fit into that price point because of how small they are by design.

Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely find proper Tiny Houses for sale under $10k dollars, just don’t expect them to be large enough for anything more than a bed area and sometimes, a kitchen.

Nevertheless, we certainly got something you’d be interested in.

#1. The Palmerston ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

‌Tiny Homes for sale under $10k

Spanning a dimension of 6×8, this utility shed has the appearance of a little cottage but don’t be fooled, it can easily double as a haven for lawn mowers and other garden equipment.

  • Dimension: 6×8
  • Area covered: 48 sq.ft
  • House financing: Yes
  • Price: $8,600
  • Builder: Summerwood

#2. The Sonoma

‌Tiny Homes for sale under $10k

I guess you can say the most stand out feature of this Tiny home is those double doors that perfectly accent the wood paneled exterior.

  • Dimension: 6×8
  • Area covered: 48 sq.ft
  • House financing: Yes
  • Price: $9,700
  • Builder: Lambano

#3. The Catalina

Forget 4 corner Tiny houses for one second. The Catalina is a 5 sided Tiny home spotting a French door and a window arc. If you would be buying this particular Tiny Home, you’d need to give special attention to this window arc by cleaning it regularly because it stands far out of reach.

  • Dimension: 8×8
  • Area covered: 56 sq.ft
  • House financing: Yes
  • Price: $10,700
  • Builder: Summerwood

#4. The Verana

‌Tiny Homes for sale under $10k

The stand out design of this Tiny home has to be the ceiling to floor window that stands almost as tall as the door itself. ‌If you’re looking to buy Tiny Homes for sale under $10k, you couldn’t go wrong choosing the Verana.

  • Dimension: 5×12
  • Area covered: 60 sq.ft
  • House financing: Yes
  • Price: $15,600
  • Builder: Summerwood

#5. The Urban

Looking for a pre-cut Tiny House kit? This contraption can basically be assembled for you in record time. And what would you use it for? A pool house? A backyard office? You get to decide whatever!

  • Dimension: 8×10
  • Area covered: 80 sq.ft
  • House financing: Yes
  • Price: $13,800
  • Builder: Summerwood

‌Our conclusion

After browsing through catalogue after catalogue of Tiny Houses for sale on various websites, one thing is obvious right off the bat: if you opt for a Tiny Home under $10k, what you’ll be getting won’t be worth much.

You’d hardly be able to do any thing in the building because it would be too darn Tiny. Such houses are typically called “Micro Tiny Houses” and if you try enough, the only thing you’d probably be able to fit in there is your bed.

The sweet spot as regards prices of Tiny apartments start from $50k, then you’d know you bought something worth while.

I hope you were able to find a worthwhile Tiny Home to buy from our listings.

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