Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson That Aren’t NORMAL

Do you have plans to buy tiny homes for sale in Tucson? Keep reading to find out more about this city and see some tiny house listings for sale in Tucson.

About Tucson

Tucson is a city located in Arizona, United States. It is the county seat of Pima County. This city houses the University of Arizona. It is the 2bd largest city in Arizona after Phoenix. Its population was 542,6229 in the 2020 United States census. Tucson is the 34th largest city in the United States and also the 53rd metropolitan area.

The majority of Tucson’s economic development has been based on the development of the University of Arizona, the city’s largest employer. Another major industry is Tourism. The city’s hotels, attractions, and resorts bring in $2 billion annually and receive about 3.5 million visitors per year. One of the major attractions in Tucson is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and its related shows, which are held in the first two weeks of February.

Tucson is home to different festivals to showcase its arts and cultures. The Festival of Books is one of the festivals held annually in Tucson. It is a two-day event in March that happens at the University of Arizona.

This festival became the 4th largest book festival in the United States in 2010 with 450 authors and 80,000 attendees. Apart from readings and lectures, this festival also features entertainment, food, exhibitions, and a science fair. While in 2011, the festival founders set an award to recognize exceptional literary achievement.

Another festival that takes place in Tucson is the Tucson Festival. This festival has been held for the past 33 years. It takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of May in downtown Tucson’s El Presidio Park.

There are two Fourth Avenue Street Fairs that take place between 9th Street and University Boulevard in December and late March or early April. These events include arts and crafts booths, food vendors, and street performers. The fairs started in 1970 when Fourth Avenue, which at the time included a few New Age bookstores, a few thrift shops, and the Food Conspiracy Co-Op, became a hippie hangout and a few business owners set up tables in front of their establishments to draw visitors before the holidays.

Nowadays, the street fair has developed into a sizable corporate event, with the majority of the tables being owned by outside vendors. It is home to primarily mobile artisans that sell a variety of works of art, including pottery, paintings, woodworking, metal decorations, candles, and many others.

The Arizona Historical Society, the Fort Lowell Museum, the Fremont House, the Tucson Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jewish History Museum (Tucson), the Old Tucson Studios, the University of Arizona Museum of Art, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and others are additional cultural attractions in Tucson.

Tucson is regarded as a significant hub for Mariachi music and is home to a sizable population of Mariachi musicians and singers.

Is Tucson Tiny House Friendly?

Yes. Arizona is one of the most tiny house friendly states to construct your tiny house or relocate your tiny house on wheels too. Tiny House living is legal in Arizona but there are regulations that guide them.

You can build a tiny house and place it permanently in multi-family house zones and you can also build your tiny house in detached single-family areas or accessory dwelling units (ADUs) areas.

According to Arizona’s zoning laws, a tiny permanent dwelling is constructed on-site and has a standard foundation. Without accounting for the lofts, the tiny house’s floor space is 400 square feet or less. Additionally, tiny homes on foundations must not be smaller than 200 square feet in square footage. Trailer-mounted buildings must be larger than 160 sq. ft.

Tiny homes on wheels owners are required to park their RVs or mobile homes in authorized sites, which are plenty in Arizona. Among these are state parks.

The best counties to place your tiny house in Arizona are Coconino, Pima, and recently Maricopa. You can also build in cities like Sedona city, Lakeside, and Tucson.

In zones where residential uses are authorized, casitas, also known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), are now legal in Tucson as of January 7, 2022. Since then, several people have expressed interest in renovating certain areas of their land and constructing additional homes in their backyards. Tucson has some tiny house communities, which include Desert Trails RV Park, Miracle RV Park, or Diamond J RV Park.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson

Note: Before you purchase any Tiny house, it’s important to seek out the help of home inspection experts to carry proper due diligence.  Some ideas of companies in this space to explore include Mike Holmes, HomeLight and AdvantageNC among others.

#1. Tiny House on Wheels ($16,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson

This tiny house is available for sale in Tucson, Arizona. It has 192 sq. ft. of main living space. The tiny house is built on a 24′ x 8′ Tumbleweed Tiny House trailer designed for tiny houses. And the interior space of the house has the rough electrical work finished while the exterior is finished in the style of a board and batten.


#2. Unique and Beautiful Design ($108,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson

This is another tiny house available for sale in Tucson, Arizona. It has 255 sq. ft. of main living space, and that excludes the lofts. This home has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and two lofts. It is built according to the highest standards and codes.

This tiny house comes with a unique split design that makes it seem like there are two tiny homes in one. Its features include a 32” Smart TV, brand new furniture, dual Mini splits A/C and Heating, bathing tub, propane tankless water heater, flushing toilet, rain shower head, etc.

#3. Newly Converted Mini Blue Bus ($18,500)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson

This is a mini-bus converted into a tiny house on wheels. It is on sale in Tucson, Arizona. This home has 168 sq. ft. of living space. A curtain separates the van area from the bus area. The bus area has a small seating area, kitchenette, and bedroom.

Going into the kitchenette, there is a countertop with a stainless oval sink, space for a microwave, and a 3 cubic foot side-by-side fridge. There is also a set of cabinets with a pull-out shelf and washer/dryer combo before the kitchenette. The bathroom space has a compost toilet. This home has a 30-gallon freshwater tank and a 30-gallon gray water tank. And a dual heating/cooling mini-split.

Get in contact with the seller/Tiny House builder

To get more details about the prices & specifications of these Tiny homes for sale in Tucson, contact us so we can put you in touch with the seller/Tiny house builder.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Tucson: Conclusion

In summary, I’m sure you are certain now about buying and placing your tiny house in Tucson. Just like other cities, get to know its regulations guiding tiny house building and living to avoid legal issues. You will surely enjoy your stay here.

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