Searching for Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose may seem very hard but don’t worry, we are here to help. This post covers that. Keep reading to find out more about this San Jose and tiny homes available for sale.

Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose: About San Jose

Gotten from the Spanish name for Saint Joseph, San Jose is one of the major cities in the state of California, United States. It is also the financial, cultural, and political hub of Silicon Valley. As of the 2020 census, its population was 1,013,240.

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California in population and area. This city is the 10th most populous city in the United States.

This city is known for its cultural diversity, innovation, beautiful natural landscape, sunny and mild Mediterranean climate, affluence, and flourishing job market. San Jose is home to many of the world’s largest tech corporations. Innovative thinkers and global executives of numerous software and computer companies have made San Jose their preferred home. More than 6,000 technology businesses and start-ups are based in San Jose.

Mayor Tom McEnery had to adopt the motto “Capital of Silicon Valley” in 1988 as a result of the city’s association with the burgeoning high-tech industry phenomena known as Silicon Valley. Numerous significant multinational tech firms, including Cisco Systems, eBay, Samsung, Zoom, Nvidia, Intel, Adobe Inc., PayPal, Xilinx, and Acer continue to have their corporate headquarters in San Jose.

This city is home to the San Jose Museum of Art, one of the US premiere Modern Art Museums. It also houses many performing arts companies including Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley, Opera San Jose, Symphony Silicon Valley, City Lights Theatre Company. The San Jose Symphonic Choir, Children’s Musical Theater of San Jose, the San Jose Youth Symphony, The Tabard Theatre Company, San Jose Stage Company, etc.

Is San Jose Tiny House Friendly?

Though there is no statewide tiny house law in California, tiny house laws differ from city to city, so you have to check your city’s guidelines to know if tiny houses are approved. In some cities, tiny houses are legal, you just have to follow the building codes and zoning regulations of your city.

Many cities in California are approving the building and use of tiny houses. Rules to be complied with are set to guide the building and zoning of these homes. Some of the cities that permit tiny houses as of 2022 are San Diego, Santa Cruz, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

So, Yes, San Jose is a tiny house friendly city. The growing homelessness crisis in San Jose is being addressed through the construction of tiny homes. More tiny homes are being built and approved to cater to those that are homeless and can’t afford standard brick houses.

With a reading of the ordinance, which was based on the Los Angeles City ordinance, San Jose City Council made the first step toward legalizing Movable Tiny Houses as legal ADUs. This ordinance has to go through a second reading before becoming a law by May 2020 end. Through this ordinance, tiny homes on wheels (THOW) will be allowed and become permanently habitable accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Tiny homes on wheels will be allowed as Accessory Dwelling Units on a lot with One-Family Dwellings based on some conditions. The conditions include that the wheels of the home have to be removed and attached to a conventional foundation, and it also has to be connected to utilities like water, electricity, and sewer.

The tiny home must meet standards related to health and fire and life safety. There are also several design elements that must be followed. All these are more are the conditions that must be met for your tiny home on wheels to be approved.

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Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose

#1. Bright, Cheery, Brand New Tiny House ($70,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose

This tiny home is available for sale in San Jose, California. It has 260 sq. ft. of main living space. It was built by Molecule Tiny Homes. This tiny home is RVIA certified and has eco-friendly flooring.

The tiny home features white walls, numerous windows for ample natural light, a ceiling fan, a Dutch door, a flush toilet, an on-demand water heater, space for a microwave, lots of kitchen storage, a 4-cubic-foot refrigerator, 3-burner stove, mini-split AC/heating unit, sliding doors to each bedroom loft, storage closet under the stairs, shower, and 40-inch bathtub, etc. This beautiful tiny home is ready for you to move in. It also comes with water, electrical, and sewer hook ups.

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#2. Comfortable & Cozy Tiny Home ($60,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose
Tiny House Market Place


This tiny home is another comfortable and beautiful tiny home that is available for sale in San Jose, California. It was built in 2019. This home has 220 sq ft of main living space. It was locally built in San Jose.

The features of this home include insulated walls and floors to ensure your continual comfort, a closet and additional cabinets and shelves for plenty of storage for two persons, a warm and quiet with AC and space heater, etc. The bathroom comes with a cabinet mirror, sink, shower, water heater, and toilet.

Get in contact with the seller/Tiny House builder

To get in contact with the seller/Tiny House builder and get more details about the prices & specifications of these Tiny homes for sale in the city of San Jose, contact us so we can put you in touch with the seller/Tiny house builder.

Tiny Homes For Sale In San Jose: Conclusion

In conclusion, I’m quite sure you will enjoy living in this city. However, we’d advise that you contact your local municipality for more information regarding tiny home buildings and zoning before buying and placing your tiny house at any location. This will help you to know the right guidelines to abide by and avoid legal issues.