Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando: Tiny House Listings

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Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando: About Orlando

Orlando is a city in Florida, United States. This city is the county seat of Orange County. In the 2020 United States census, Orlando has a population of 307,573, thereby making it the 4th largest city in Florida and the 67th largest city in the United States. Orlando is also Florida’s largest inland city.

Not to forget, did you know Orlando is home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios? I’m sure you didn’t. This city is home to these places making it one of the most visited cities in the world. The major events, convention, and tourism draws out s lot of people to visit the city. The city drew more than 75 million visitors in 2008. The 13th-busiest airport in the United States is Orlando’s International Airport (MCO).

The economy of Orlando is driven by tourism, healthcare, industry, housing and employment, Film, television, and entertainment. The largest and most internationally renowned tourist attractions in Orlando are the Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

The Walt Disney World Resort was opened by the Walt Disney Company in 1971 and is situated about 21 miles southwest of downtown Orlando. The Universal Orlando Resort was opened in 1990, it is a major expansion of Universal Studios and the only theme park in Orlando city limits.

Is Orlando Tiny House Friendly?

Florida is a relatively friendly state when it comes to tiny house living. This state is one of the tiny home friendly states in the U.S. but just like some other states, there are rules and regulations for tiny houses. And it varies from city to city or county to county.

However, if you intend to join the tiny house movement in any city in Florida, I’d advise that you check the zoning and building department in the city or county to know the tiny house regulations there and where to place your tiny home. Appendix Q is adopted in the building code of Florida. “Appendix Q” contains set standards for different sections of a tiny house including an emergency exit.

Orlando is one of the best places in Florida you’d want to live in. Imagine living a simple comfortable life in a tiny home in Orlando where there are different fun places… You wouldn’t want to miss that right? Orlando is home to some tiny house communities like the Orlando Lakefront at College Park. This park has grown from being a 1950s RV park to one that allows tiny house owners to park there for a while.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.

#1. Stunning Modern Farmhouse Tiny House

Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando

This home has a lovely modern farmhouse design. It’s a tiny house on wheels with a size of 307 sq. Ft. It has two bedrooms, one loft, and one bathroom. This tiny house costs about $73,000. It has a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector.

The bathroom is spacious and has a full-sized shower, a full-sized closet, a water heater, additional storage shelves, and a 3-drawer storage cabinet. The toilet is a standard flush one. The kitchen has a lot of storage space, a microwave, a 4 burner electric stove with oven, a washer/dryer combo unit, a fridge, a large farmhouse sink, and burnt pine countertops.

All appliances in the home are working perfectly. There is a Mini-split for heating and cooling the house. The sewage hookups can be easily adjusted to accommodate off-grid living.

#2. Baby Blue

Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando

This is a unique tiny house. It’s a Bus converted to a tiny home with a size of 266 sq. ft. It costs about $44,000. It features brand new vinyl floors, a brand new kitchen, a gas water heater, 3 burner stove, two closets full of space, overhead LED lights, front, and rear AC, and a fiberglass enclosed shower.

This tiny home has a lot of storage space under the main bed. As for water, there is a 125-gallon capacity of clean water and a 125-gallon capacity of grey water. This converted bus has one bedroom and one bathroom. There is a 1-inch insulation in this home from the floor level to the bottom of the windows.

However, the toilet and refrigerator are not included in their features. So, you will be able to choose the one you like for it to be installed. The front tires are 80% new and the rear tires are new too. Everything in this home is working well and will suit your taste.

Get in contact with the Landlord/Tiny House builder

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Orlando: Conclusion

In summary, Orlando is one of the popular holiday destinations in the United States. This city is nicknamed “The City Beautiful”, “O-Town”, or “Theme Park Capital of the World”. It is best known for the theme parks but apart from the parks, you also have lemons and McDonalds to enjoy.

So if you have been thinking about where to live that will also be nice for vacations, then Orlando is the answer! It’s tiny house friendly. From the above, I’m sure you noticed that Orlando is home to tiny house communities.

Though tiny homes come in different styles and sizes, you can choose the one that suits your taste but do not forget to contact the zoning and building department first, to get more information on where you can legally place your home.

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