Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma: Our Top Picks

Finding tiny homes for sale in Oklahoma wouldn’t be so hard after going through this post. So if you had doubts about finding tiny houses for sale in Oklahoma, keep reading.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma: About Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state situated in the South Central region of the United States. It has borders with Texas to the south and west, Arkansas to the east, New Mexico to the west, Kansas to the north, Colorado to the northwest, and Missouri to the northeast.

It is the 28th most populous U.S. state and the 20th most extensive state among the 50 states. The largest city and also its capital is Oklahoma City. The residents in the state are called Oklahomans.

This state is nicknamed the “Land of the Red Man” and “Sooner State”. The name of the state was derived from the Choctaw words “okla” meaning ‘people’ and “humma” meaning ‘red’. The nickname “Sooner State” referred to the settlers who placed their claims on land before the western Oklahoma Territory’s formal opening date or the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889, which boosted European-American settlement in the eastern Indian Territory. On November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state to join the union, combining Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.

This state is a major producer of oil, natural gas, and agricultural products. It depends on the economic base of energy, biotechnology, aviation, and telecommunications. There are growing sectors in Oklahoma, they include energy, food processing, electronics, aviation, telecommunications, equipment, and transportation.

Oklahoma is ranked as the 27th most agriculturally productive state, the 3rd for the production of natural gas in the United States, and the 5th in the production of wheat.

The state has consistently been ranked as one of the lowest states in the cost of living index. Also, Oklahoma is the 5th largest producer of crude oil and it also has the 2nd Greatest number of active drilling rigs. This state is ranked 5th in crude oil reserves. So you see Oklahoma is such a productive state.

Tusla houses the largest airline maintenance base in the world, which serves as the global maintenance and engineering headquarters for American Airlines. The state is one of the top 10 states in aerospace engine manufacturing.

In terms of arts and culture, Oklahoma has several popular theatres like the CityRep, Oklahoma City Theatre Company, Carpenter Square Theatre, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. This state also has a rich history in ballet with five ballerinas gaining worldwide fame. These five ballerinas were collectively known as the Five Moons.

Is Oklahoma Tiny House Friendly?

Yes! Oklahoma is one of the easiest states for tiny house living. There are no laws that govern tiny houses presently in Oklahoma. Though tiny house owners enjoy the freedom, it’s hard identifying what is allowed and what is not allowed for tiny homes.

Since there is no statewide law regarding tiny homes in Oklahoma, contact your city or county building and zoning department to know what applies to tiny houses there.

However, tiny houses on wheels are categorized as recreational vehicles by the state. So, your tiny house on wheels has to follow RV laws for it to be allowed. All tiny house on wheels has to obtain a permit and all sanitary requirements must be followed.

For tiny house on foundation, Oklahoma is yet to adopt Appendix Q, so for now this type of tiny house has to follow the traditional housing laws of Oklahoma and also find out if there are other laws regarding tiny house building and zoning in the intended county or city.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma

#1. Wilburton Cabin For Sale ($15,500)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma

This tiny house is available for sale in Wilburton, Oklahoma. It costs about $15,500 and has 448 sq. ft. of main living space. It is a 16×28 cabin, 2×4 framing with 24 inches on center studs. It also has a few shelves installed and a set-up rustic kitchen. The tiny house comes with a steel roof, wood stove, easy to work with siding and it is off-grid ready. This tiny house is easy to modify, so, you can work on its design to suit your taste.

#2. Beautiful 12×36 deluxe cabin ($40,000)


This is another tiny house available for sale in Mulhall, Oklahoma. It costs about $40,000 and has 432 sq. ft. of living space. This tiny house is wired for 110 and 220 voltage appliances. It has spaces for a toilet, water heater, washer or dryer, stove, refrigerator, kitchen, and bathroom sink. It also comes with a shower that is built-in in the back. This tiny house has cheap electricity bills. It would be great on a lakeside or a home for a hunter.

#3. Tiny Cabin

Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma

This tiny house is available for sale in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It costs about $60,000 and has 640 sq. ft. of main living space. It has two lofts, one bedroom, and one bathroom. It is a 16×40 portable cabin with two 12×16 lofts. It can serve as a lakeside house, hunting lodge, or tiny house living at your preferred location.

Its features are a flush toilet, metal roof, Mini-split, and many more. This tiny house can be delivered anywhere in the state.

#4. Tiny House

This is another tiny house for sale in Stratford, Oklahoma. Its price is $35,000 and has 360 sq. ft. of main living space. It is a 12 x 30 tiny house built on skids. It has an equipped kitchen with full-sized appliances. There is lot of storage space including hidden storage. The bathroom comes with a soaking tub and shower, a stackable washer, and a dryer. This tiny house is ready to be moved to your land.

Get in contact with the seller/Tiny House builder

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale in Oklahoma, contact us so we can put you in touch with the seller/Tiny house builder.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Oklahoma: Conclusion

In summary, Oklahoma is a tiny house friendly state. Check out the tiny houses on sale in Oklahoma for anyone that suits your budget and taste. Though there is freedom for tiny house owners, you have to do is contact the local municipality for the laws that apply to tiny houses there.

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