The Best Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire

Check out these incredible Tiny Homes for Sale In New Hampshire. Continue reading below to see our Tiny house listings.

Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire: About New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region located in the Northeastern United States. This state is bordered in the south by Massachusetts, in the west by Vermont, to the east by Maine and the Gulf of Maine, and to the north by the Canadian province of Quebec.

New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state by area and the 10th least populous out of the 50 States in the United States. The state capital is Concord, situated in the south-central part of the State, while the largest city is Manchester.

New Hampshire is nicknamed “The White Mountain State” and “The Granite State”, pointing out to its large granite formations and quarries.

This state motto is “Live Free or Die”, reflecting the role of the State in the American Revolutionary War. New Hampshire is known nationally for holding the first primary in the United States presidential election cycle, which in turn influenced American electoral politics, thus the adage “As New Hampshire goes, so goes the nation”.

New Hampshire in summer and early autumn is home to many county fairs. The largest fair is the Hopkinton State Fair, which is in Contoocook. Summer camps are not left out as many take place in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, especially Lake Winnipesaukee, which is a popular tourist destination.

The Ski areas and snowmobile trails in New Hampshire are another tourist destination that attracts visitors in winter. While in September, New Hampshire hosts the New Hampshire Highland Games.

Just like in other states, there are mammals, birds, amphibians that are unique to it and found there. Some of the mammals there are raccoons, white-tailed deer, moose, and eastern red bats.

The common reptiles are painted turtles, snapping turtles, and black racer snakes while birds like hairy woodpeckers, nighthawks, and great-horned owls are also found in the state. American toads and Amphibians like bullfrogs, and salamanders are not excluded.

I’m pretty sure if you are a lover of nature, you would love to reside here. Wildflowers such as evening primrose, buttercup, purple aster, pink lady’s slipper(the state wildflower) can be found in the state. Not excluding trees like sugar Mable, blue spruce, black walnut, white pine, etc.

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Is New Hampshire Tiny House Friendly?

In New Hampshire, no law bans tiny houses but the zoning laws and building codes were not really designed with tiny houses in mind. So, this may leave would-be tiny house dwellers confused.

However, tiny house dwellers follow the International Building Code version of 2015. Under this code, all tiny homes should have at least 400 square feet (37 m2) or less in floor area, excluding lofts. At first, this code doesn’t consider tiny houses but it was amended and Appendix Q was included in it to cover tiny houses in the state.

New Hampshire is planning to pass House Bill 588 which specifies the building codes for tiny houses and permits them in residential areas.

Some counties in the state have no zoning laws like Carroll, Coos, Grafton, and Sullivan, making it easy to dwell in a tiny house there. Cities like Concord and Manchester also accommodate tiny houses and also treat them as accessory dwelling units.

I’d advise that before you make that move to buy a tiny house in New Hampshire, you should know the state rules concerning tiny house living to avoid unnecessary issues and possible eviction from your tiny home.

Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.

#1. 20 x 8 tiny home, business, or office

Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire
This tiny house is located in the state capital, Concord. It costs about $22,000 with a size of 180 sq. Ft. The tiny house has one bedroom and one bathroom and comes fully equipped with an awning from Amazing Awnings that keeps rain out of your front porch. You can live in it or rent it. You can also decide to use it as an office.

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#2. Move-in ready Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire

This is a tiny house on wheels located in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. It costs about $74,900 with a size of 230 sq. Ft. It is a custom built tiny house with a raised sleeping loft of an additional 50 sq. ft.

This house comes with a full-sized kitchen with a farm sink, open-faced wall shelving for storage, a wooden countertop, a refrigerator, etc.

There is a bathroom with a standard flush toilet. A dedicated office/desk space and even a split system for heating and cooling, so the tiny house stays extra cool or extra warm. This home is 100% on grid like a normal home but can be set up as totally off grid.

There are 8 windows, double doors, and a back door, so there are tons of natural light coming into the tiny house. This house is built well to withstand very cold climate conditions. All these and more are features of this custom tiny house in wheels.

#3. 2020 RVIA-certified Tiny Home for Sale

Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire

This is another tiny home for sale in Londonderry, New Hampshire. It is a tiny house on wheels. It has 206 sq. ft. of living space and costs about $82,000. The house has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and 2 lofts. It comes with standard RV hookups, so it can be parked at any RV park.

It has a mini split for cooling and heating the home. In the kitchen, there is a refrigerator, oven, cooktop, and microwave. The bathroom has a composting toilet. There is also a tankless water heater and a domestic propane heater.

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Tiny Homes For Sale In New Hampshire: Conclusion

In summary, you can live permanently in a tiny house in New Hampshire. Though tiny houses on wheels are considered recreational vehicles, so they are not permitted for a year-round stay.

You can purchase a tiny house that suits your taste but also try to know what rules for tiny house living apply to the city or county you want to reside.

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