Have you been thinking about buying tiny homes for sale in Iowa? It is a right decision! However, if you are confused about where to start, below is a list of available Tiny houses for sale in Iowa.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa: About Iowa

The state of Iowa is a state in the Midwest of the United States. It is the only state bounded by two main rivers- the east by the Mississippi River and to the west by the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River.

According to the 2020 census, the population of Iowa was 3,190,369, making it the 31st most populous state and the 26th largest state in terms of total area among the 50 U.S. states. Des Moines is the state’s capital, it is the most populated city, and the largest metropolitan region in the State.

Des Moines is also the state’s economic and political center. It houses the State Capitol, Drake University, Iowa State Fair, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, the State Historical Society of Iowa Museum, Terrace Hill, World Food Prize, Adventureland, etc.

Agriculture is a key sector in Iowa. Over 30 million acres of farmland are found throughout the state of Iowa. When you drive through Iowa, you would notice the vast farmland over many miles showing tall cornfields and grass hills.

The state’s Fair attracts over a million guests annually. The annual Iowa State Fair has been a key attraction in the state since 1854. It includes music, food, carnival rides, and exhibits. So, while having fun, you are selling, buying, or viewing what the state of Iowa offers. It takes place for about 11 days every August at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. This Fair is known as one of the oldest and largest expositions in the country.

In terms of sports, the state of Iowa has four major college teams playing in NCAA Division I for all sports. Iowa doesn’t have professional major league sports teams but it has minor league sports teams in baseball, hockey, basketball, and other sports.

Also, Iowa houses the University of Iowa. This university includes the Old Capitol building and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Iowa City was the first American city selected by the United Nations as a “City of Literature” in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, due to Iowa’s great history in teaching and sponsoring creative writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and other related programs.

Is Iowa Tiny House Friendly?

Yeah. There are several places you can place your tiny house in Iowa. You can place it in an RV park, your land, or places accepted by the building and zoning department. You need to ensure that the location where you what to place your tiny house is zoned for a dwelling of that size.

You also need to know if your tiny house will be one on a foundation or wheels, then consider how you will connect water and sewer. These should be considered when seeking an acceptable place to place your tiny house.

Living off-grid in Iowa is legal but may be illegal due to some sewer rules in some towns and cities. Several local zoning laws have minimum square footage and lot size requirements for tiny houses. So, even with the growing tiny house movement in Metro areas with high land and housing rates, building and placing your tiny house there may not be easy.

Though some counties are gradually changing their rules to permit tiny houses, the changes across the State aren’t a fast one. But at least one can build and place a tiny house following the present directives in the intended county.

The Council of Iowa Falls added changes to the City Code that reduced the minimum size of tiny homes from 600 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. Numerous codes apply to all buildings in the state. These codes tend to place some restrictions. Some of the codes are the 2015 International Fire Code, 2015 International Residential Code, 2015 International Existing Building Code, 2015 International Building Code, 2012 International Energy Conservation Code, etc.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa

#1. The Little Things-26ft Tiny Home

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa

This is one of the tiny houses on sale in Iowa. It is situated in Donnellson, Iowa. Thingy tiny house has 208 sq. ft. of living space, having a bathroom, a bedroom, and a loft. It costs about $70,000.
It is a 2021 Clear Creek 26′ Tiny home built by Tiny IdaHomes.it has everything you need including certifications and others to make your tiny living easy and comfortable.

The bathroom comes with a full-sized toilet and a 4ft shower with additional closet space and storage shelves. There is a propane furnace and ductless heat pump to warm you up during cold nights. Furthermore, if you purchase this Tiny Home, you could convert some of the plants and grasses around your property to bales of Hay and sell to a company that specializes in these things.

#2. Ford Tiny House

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa

This tiny house is available for sale in Fayette, Iowa. It costs about $20,000 and has 400 sq. ft. of living space. This tiny house is a unique piece that comes with French-style stairs for the loft, vaulted ceilings, and a loft that fits a queen bed.
Although the inside is not fully completed, you can decide to go with drywall or steel sheeting. This tiny home is off-grid with water and electricity. The motor has been removed, so, that grey and black water tanks can be placed under the hood for full-time living.

#3. 26′ Tiny House

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa

This is another tiny house available for sale in Des Moines, Iowa. It costs about $25,000 and has 208 sq. ft. of main living space, having two bedrooms and one bathroom. This hose is partially completed. It was built on a 26’ Tumbleweed Tiny House utility trailer, a specially built trailer designed for tiny houses.

This tiny house comes with a 75 Sq Ft master loft with a king-sized mattress and built-in storage, and a 45 Sq Ft second loft that can be used for an office space or a child’s sleeping area, it depends on your choice. This home is well insulated and designed to stay warm through the cold winters in Iowa.

There is also an installed Dickinson Marine Newport P12000 Propane Fireplace Heater for heating.
There are other features that will be included but are yet to be installed. They include natures head composting toilet, Mannington luxury vinyl plank flooring for the entire main floor and stars, Rinnai V65EP 6.6gpm outdoor low nox tankless hot water heater.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Iowa: Conclusion

In summary, the state of Iowa is tiny house friendly, and a lovely place to reside. Just ensure to contact the building and zoning department in that county or city you intend to place your tiny house first, so you can get the necessary information and know the restrictions that apply there too.