Have You Seen These Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston?

Here are listings of Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston. You don’t have to struggle to find a tiny home to buy in the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas. Follow through to see the listings and learn more about the city.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston: About Houston

Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas and also in the Southern United States. It is the 4th most populous city in the United States after New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It is also the 6th most populous city in North America. As of the 2020 United States census, the population was 2,304,580.

Houston is the county seat and largest city of Harris County. It is also the principal city of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. And the 9th most expansive city in the United States.

This city is named after the ex-president of the Republic of Texas, former General Sam Houston. He had won Texas’s independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto, about 25 miles east of Allen’s Landing.

Houston is known worldwide for its energy industry, especially for oil and natural gas, then for aeronautics and biomedical research. Also, renewable energy sources like wind and solar are growing parts of the city’s economy.

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Houston also has a growing center for technology startup firms. Some major technology and software companies within Greater Houston are Cybersoft, HostGator, KBR, Crown Castle, and Houston Wire and Cable.

This city is highly regarded for its variety of food and restaurant culture. Some major publications have continuously named Houston as one of “America’s Best Food Cities”. Houston is home to the Houston Theater District which is home to nine major performing arts organizations and six performance halls.

This lovely city also houses about 337 parks including Tranquility Park, Sesquicentennial Park, Discovery Green, Hermann Park, Terry Hershey Park, Lake Houston Park, Memorial Park, Buffalo Bayou Park, and Sam Houston Park. Inside the Hermann Park are the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

The city of Houston is one of the few United States cities with professional, permanent, resident companies in all major disciplines of performing arts: music (Houston Symphony Orchestra), opera (Houston Grand Opera), theater (The Alley Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars) and ballet (Houston Ballet).

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Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston: Is Houston Tiny House Friendly?

Yes. Houston is a tiny house friendly city. Texas cities allow tiny house living, though their regulations may differ. House allows tiny homes with specific requirements. This city allows three types of tiny homes- park model tiny homes, container tiny homes, and RV tiny homes.

The park model tiny homes are very common in Houston. They are around 400 sq. ft. and must be parked in an RV park or on your land. While container tiny homes are not that common in Houston.These are made from shipping containers and have to be placed on a foundation. The RV tiny homes are also allowed in this city but certain regulations have to be met. They have to be used as temporary dwellings and connected to utilities.

Some building codes that these three types of tiny homes must meet include tiny homes must be connected to city water and sewer services, there can only be one tiny home per lot, they must have on-site parking, the maximum height is 13.5 feet, the maximum width is 8.5 feet, the maximum length is 40 feet, all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems must meet the code requirements, etc.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston

#1. 20′ Luxury Container Home- off-grid ready ($64,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston

This is one of the tiny houses available for sale in Houston, Texas. It has 160 sq. ft. of main living space. This beautiful tiny house is ready to be moved to your location. Its features include stairs, a gooseneck trailer, a steel frame, a flush toilet, a propane heater, a folding deck, etc.

#2. High Top Container Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston ($45,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston
This tiny house is available for sale in Houston, Texas. It has 140 sq. ft. of interior space. It is a great getaway house, off-grid living, and can be used for a small business.

This home is equipped with everything you need to live a minimalist lifestyle. Its features include a new high-top 20′ shipping container, Mini-split, shower, composting toilet, grey flooring, electric stovetop, sliding barn door restroom, white shiplap walls, etc.

#3. 36 ft tiny home ($99,000)

This is another tiny house available for sale in Houston, Texas. It has 288 sq. ft. of interior area. It is a very solid tiny house with electricity, a metal roof, a flush toilet, solid hardwood floors, closed cell foam insulation, Mini-split, etc.

#4. Tiny House Shower and Loft ($46,000)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston
This tiny house is for sale in Houston, Texas. It has 160 sq. ft. of main living space. It can be fully powered by a generator. This home has a bathroom, kitchen and even running water.

#5. 32 ft Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston ($44,850)

Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston
This is another tiny house available for sale in Houston, Texas. It is a 32 ft. new tiny house built in 2017. It has a large storage closet in the back and a mechanical closet in front. It is 13ft 6″ tall from the ground. And has lots of storage space.

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Tiny Homes For Sale In Houston: Conclusion 

In summary, Houston is a great place for tiny house living. But you have to follow the building codes that apply there. Every city’s regulations may differ from others. We advise that you get to know more about the tiny house regulations in Houston before buying and placing your tiny house.

I’m pretty sure you have gone through the above listings and found one that suits your budget and taste. Contact us to put you in touch with the tiny house builder or seller.

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