Do you know you can buy a Tiny House for sale for under $5000? Tiny houses are meant to be affordable and enable a minimalistic lifestyle. Of course, there are expensive Tiny houses, but there are still some Tiny House kits under $5000. You can get a tiny house kit and set it up yourself, thus, saving costs and living debt-free.

There are a lot to learn about these tiny houses before buying one. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages, dimensions, materials, etc. This tiny house allows for limitless customization. Not all kits come with interior designs and an electric system for a complete setup.

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Tiny House for sale under $5000: Advantages

1. They are very affordable: Compared to other types of tiny houses in the market, this tiny house is very affordable. This is the most obvious advantage. So, even if you don’t have the required amount for other tiny houses, you can certainly afford this one.

2. The kits come with everything you need to build your tiny house: You don’t have to be worried about purchasing a lot of materials or tools. The tiny house kits come with everything that is needed, hence, saving your money and time.

3. They are a great option when trying tiny living for the first time: If you want to test the tiny house lifestyle, you can start by getting this type, since it is affordable.

4. They are easy to assemble: This is another advantage of a tiny house under $5000. They are simple to assemble more than expensive tiny house kits. The instructions are simple and you can do it yourself, so, it saves a lot of time and labor costs.

Tiny House for sale under $5000: Disadvantages

1. The final look may not meet your expectations: One of the disadvantages of tiny house kits for sale under $5000 is that the final look may not meet your expectations in terms of its functionality and beauty. This may be because the manufacturers tried to cut corners just to reduce costs. It may even have a lower quality compared to what you expected.

The tiny house kit may be made from inferior materials and structurally unsound. And this may cause problems later. Although this can happen when you buy from retailers with no good track record. We recommend that you buy your tiny house kits from retailers with a good track record and positive reviews.

2. You may be unable to get a refund or return the kit: This type of tiny house is very cheap, so some sellers may not accept returns or give refunds. So you have to use the product that way even if you are not happy about it. If possible when buying it, check the return policy or ask questions related to it. You could use email, so their response would be in written form and stand as evidence.

3. You may need to purchase more materials that are not included in the kit: There’s a chance that some additional materials needed to complete the setup may not be available in the kit. So before buying, you should try to weigh the risks.

4. The setup may not be easy if you have no experience in carpentry: To set up this type of tiny house, you may not find it easy if you have no experience in carpentry. The instructions may not be so clear for a beginner to assemble.

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What does a Tiny House For Sale Under $5000 Include?

The tiny house kits include;

  • Roof
  • Door
  • Walls
  • Framing materials
  • Windows
  • Ceiling
  • Barriers
  • Interior walls
  • A front porch (sometimes)
  • An overhang (sometimes)

Tiny Houses for sale under $5000

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.

#1. Writers Heaven – Tiny House For Sale Under $5000

This tiny home is very unique and elegant. It comes with a translucent roof panel and many windows to fit the tiny home and allow in a lot of sunlight. It also gives the residents a conducive atmosphere to relax and think.

It provides a workspace and can also serve as a storage space for your equipment, or other items. It takes a long time to set it up. It can take a week for two people to set it up while doing it alone could take about three weeks.

#2. Backyard Retreat

This model comes with eye-catching designs. The main feature of this model is the flying “V” porch and several windows to allow in natural light. You can use it for several purposes like an artist’s studio, a place to write, a farm stand, and other purposes. It is 156 square feet in total area. It is spacious and has a gable roof style.

#3. Arched cabins

Timber Arched, A-frame cabin, Tiny house, — TIMBER ARCHED: A-FRAME CABIN, SAUNA

This model costs about $2,650 and is a 120 square feet kit. It is easier to assemble and more affordable because fewer materials are needed for a stable house. The arched cabin is suitable for a family of three.

It has spacious enough for a one-bedroom and has extra space for a lofted bed area. Another good thing about the arched cabins is that it is permitted in all states. You have color options and a modern and unique design.

#4. Florida Room

Tiny House For Sale Under $5000

This tiny home is one of the best kits you can buy for under $5000. It costs $4918. Its windows allow in lots of natural light, making your home airy and bright. The insulated windows help to keep the residents warm during winter and the steel roof withstands harsh weather conditions. It takes about 6 hours to build it and it comes with a warranty. Isn’t it a great option?

#5. Gable Tiny House Kit

This model costs about $3,266. It’s a good way to save money but live comfortably in a tiny home. This tiny home is easy to customize, you can decorate it to suit your taste. It comes with features like an insulated steel door, double pane, energy-efficient windows, vapor barrier, ceiling sheathing, a basic structural kit, and other features.

Get in contact with the Landlord/Tiny House builder

To get more details about the prices & specifications about these Tiny homes for sale, contact us so we can put you in touch with the Landlord or builder.


To sum up everything, we have seen that purchasing a tiny house kit for sale under $5000 is possible. So, if that is your budget you can still own a Tiny Home. Whether you need one to live in it, use it as a studio, or serve whatever purpose, you can get one.

You just need to go for a tiny house kit that fits your needs but do not forget to look out for its authenticity, square footage, shipping cost, features, and the local building codes that apply to where you want to place it.