Even though there are limited spaces in tiny houses, it doesn’t mean you have to live uncomfortably. You can get an air conditioner for your tiny house.

One factor that may affect your comfort is temperature but there are several air conditioners to choose from that will cool your house and provide the needed comfort.

However, you may have the opinion that air conditioners are expensive, uses much power, or are too big and can’t fit your home. That’s not the case anymore, air conditioners come in different sizes with different costs and power use, so there’s definitely one that will fit your tiny home and budget. Keep reading to find out more.

What To Consider Before Choosing An Air Conditioner

1. Cost Of Air Conditioner For Tiny House

Before getting an air conditioner for your tiny house, you should consider the cost of it. Check your budget if you can afford it. Cost doesn’t just refer to the price tag of getting the appliance but also the fee that comes with maintaining the appliance. Going for a tiny house is a creative way to save costs and enjoy comfort.

Considering the cost, you have to check the amount of propane you will purchase or the power bill you will pay. The season can also determine the utility bill. You will need more heat during winter and more air during summer. Some tiny homeowners use about $2 a day for cooling their homes.
Now, for the price tag of the AC, check how consistent you will be using the AC before getting one. Prices of AC range from $200-$3000. Look at the space available in your tiny home and the warranty of your AC.

It is not all the time you make use of AC, you can open the windows sometimes to cool your room or just make a schedule of how you will run your AC. Some air conditioners have a smart tech thermostat, so you can easily connect your phone to it and regulate it according to your schedule.

2. Size

Currently, appliances are smaller and smarter. Air conditioning units are not left out. There is definitely an AC that fits your tiny home perfectly. Once you know the available space, it will help you choose the right style of air conditioning unit.

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3. Air Condition Styles

When buying an air conditioner for your tiny home, you should consider its style. You have to go for one that adds beauty to your home. Some air conditioners are stand-alone while some are wall mounted, whichever you go for, should have an impact on your home and fit the available space.

  • Stand-Alone Air Conditioners: Stand-alone air conditioning units are considered good for small spaces because they can be moved and easily stored when not in use. And they are durable if maintained properly.
  • Central Air Conditioners: Several homeowners prefer this air conditioner because it comes with a large AC unit that is placed outside the tiny house, so, it won’t consume space inside. The good thing about this one is that it can also heat your home. You just have to control air and heat using one thermostat.
  • Mini Spits: This air conditioning unit is very popular in tiny homes. Most of the unit is installed outside, while the inside unit is mounted on the wall, this, saving space.
  • Window Cooling Unit: This style is cost-effective. The window systems are placed correctly in the window’s frame. It may not be easy fixing it in some tiny homes but the way to it is, to fix smaller window units to small vented windows.

4. Carbon Footprint

This is one of the concerns people have when it comes to air conditioners. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to minimize the carbon footprint. You can use air conditioners and other appliances with Energy Sar certification or go for ones that are eco-friendly technology.

5. Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioner has an energy efficiency rating. It either has the energy efficiency ratio (EER) or season energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. These ratings show how well an AC unit can cool your tiny home based on power usage.

The EER is a good choice if you want a high-performing but l Ngow-power usage air conditioner. It helps to save energy and money too. It is relevant for those going off-grid.

Air Conditioner For Tiny House: Best Air Conditioners for Tiny Houses

#1. SENA 12HF-Z Mini Split

Air Conditioner For Tiny House

This AC unit has a lot of fantastic features. It’s of high performance, efficient and has a lovely design. Its features make it suitable for tiny homeowners. It comes with DC inverter technology and SEER AND HSPF ratings of 19.5-22.5 and 10.6-12. It is quite expensive but it is worth it, only very few air conditioners can perform like it.

#2. Ivation Portable Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner For Tiny House

This is a great option for tiny houses. This air conditioner runs on 10,000 BTU which is higher than you may need but with it, you can fill up your space fast and run it less. This is a highly recommended AC because of its high-tech features. It also functions as a dehumidifier.

#3. Haier ESAQ406T

Air Conditioner For Tiny House

This is another good AC for your tiny home. For a window AC, it comes with less noise which is a plus. The air conditioner comes with a compressor blanket which makes it run with little or no noise. It also has a 6,000 BTU efficiency rating, a wireless remote, a 24-hour built-in timer to improve its cooling, and also an energy saver mode that allows users to manage the temperature of their home.

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Air Conditioner For Tiny House: Conclusion

In summary, you should not rule out the need for an air conditioner just because you feel you are living in a tiny house. You can put into consideration the tips above to enable you to choose the right air conditioner for your home.