How To Convert Shed Into Tiny House Is As Easy As Breathing

To convert a shed into a tiny house is one way to get started in tiny house living. So, if you have been thinking of converting your shed or getting one as a shell for your tiny house but you don’t know how to go about it, this post is for you. Keep reading to know how to convert Shed Into tiny house.

Sheds are commonly used to store garden supplies, tools, lawn equipment, etc. But what some people do not know is that it can be converted into a living space or even a home office. A shed converted to a Tiny house office is great idea because it would be situated away from the main house. Be mindful of the types of office furniture you put in it though because space would be limited.

You can even use it as a livable add-on on your property. So, if you already have a shed as a shell for the tiny house, what are you waiting for? You can also purchase a shed and convert it into a tiny house.

Converting a shed into a tiny house is a simple and affordable project that provides the taste of tiny house living. A lot of people are downsizing and joining the tiny house movement. The tiny house lifestyle meets your needs for affordable and durable housing, simple living, and decreases environmental footprint.

Convert Shed Into Tiny House: The Cost Of Converting A Shed Into A Tiny House

If you build the shed yourself or already have one, converting it to a tiny house will be cheaper. You can purchase a pre-built shed. Your budget depends on the shed size, labor, materials, utility connections, and appliances. The cost of converting a shed into a tiny house may range from $1,500 – $30,000.

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Reasons To Build A Tiny House Out of A Shed?

1. Easily Permittable

You can easily get it legalized. You can also place them on your property. Some municipalities have this rule “if the structure is not a dwelling and no dimension is greater than 12 feet, no permit is required”. So your shed may meet this requirement and be easily permitted.

2. Quality

The shed you already have or will buy may be better than the tiny house shell you want to build yourself. Sheds are constructed by professionals and are worth it. Buying a pre-built shed from a manufacturer comes with a guarantee or warranty which guarantees the quality of the product. However, if anything should go wrong with the tiny house built by yourself, you have yourself to blame.

3. Time

If you thinking of how to start building a tiny house but don’t have the needed time to speed the process up. You can easily opt for converting your shed into a tiny house. Instead of taking months to build from scratch, you can order a shed and convert it or if you already have a shed, all you need to do is convert it and move in.

4. Affordability

Converting a shed into a tiny house is more affordable than building a tiny house from scratch. You can get a quality shed at an affordable cost which is better than making a low-quality tiny house shell yourself. Also, if you need an additional living space on your property, changing your shed into a tiny house will be cheaper than building a large building.

5. Financing

A bank might be willing to lend out money to build or buy a house but may be less likely to fund your tiny house building. Now, everyone is familiar with a shed. Some shed manufacturers even provide financing options. So, instead of you waiting and struggling to find a way to build a tiny house from scratch. You can get the finance required for a shed and convert it to a tiny house.

Convert Shed Into Tiny House

Guide To Converting Your Shed Into A Tiny Home

#1. Set Up your Drainage System

Before the shed gets delivered, plan what the drainage system will be like. Put into consideration how water will flow around the shed, where the water will flow off the roof, and where dirty water indoors will be flushed.

#2. Make Utility Connections to your Shed

You need to plan how you will connect utilities like water, power, sewage to your shed. Connecting water to your shed is not a hard task, you can even install a sink for washing your hands and other items. Connecting power and sewage may not be as easy as connecting water. If you are not sure about doing it yourself, contact a professional for help.

#3. Convert Shed Into Tiny House by Installing AC And Heating

Consider your location and the seasons. It is safe to install AC and heating to suit whatever season. If you won’t be spending much time in the tiny house shed, you can just install a fan to keep it cool occasionally. Anyway, it depends on your budget and what suits you.

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#4. Insulation of your Shed walls and ceiling

If you will spend more time in your tiny home shed, then your tiny home has to be insulated. By insulating, the interior temperature is kept stable and your properties are protected from extreme cold or heat. Insulation also helps to decrease noise levels.

To insulate your walls and ceilings, you can make use of two options- insulation spray foam or bat insulation. Though most people use bat insulation since it is easy to install and less expensive, the insulation spray foam is also a great one, either the closed cell or open cell spray foam.

#5. Convert Shed Into Tiny House by insulating your Shed Floors

You should also consider insulating your shed floor to avoid your feet from getting cold on the floor. Insulate under the floor on the bottom of the shed or lay a foam board on the tiny home floor and place a new layer of plywood on top of it. This will help.

#6. Seal Every Little Crack

The sheds might not be sure tight and this may result in bugs getting into the house. Sealing up the cracks may just take a few hours since a shed is small. Check the space where the roof meets the top of the wall and also the fascia or soffit. Seal them up.

#7. Convert Shed Into Tiny House by beautifying your Shed

There are lots of colors to choose from when it comes to painting. Choose a color that will beautify your shed. You can plant some flowers around the home to give it a homely feel. Even when trying to beautify the interior, choose furniture and decors that maximize space.

Convert Shed Into Tiny House: Conclusion

In a nutshell, converting a shed into a tiny house is possible and affordable. Instead of wasting time thinking of the best way to downsize and afford a tiny house, you can simply make use of this conversion and do it according to your budget. I’m sure this will be a fun project for you especially when it’s time to design your home. I look forward to hearing about it from you in the comments section.

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